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I was diagnosed with PPMS in August 06. I have now lost my right leg and my right foot. I’m still waiting for the work to be carried out in the bungalow where I live, but when someone lives on there own and wants to go out using a wheelchair, how can you shut your front door and then lock your front door ? Is there a device that would what will shut the front door and then I can reach across in my wheelchair and lock the front door.

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Hi Kev and a big welcome to the gang! Would have used a smiley there but this site won’t let you use them on ipad! I remember one of our group had the same problem and asked it on a year or so ago… not sure if she resolved it. Hopefully she will read this. There is an electric lock which I know some wheelchair users use… so you can lock and unlock with remote control… I believe it opens and closes door as well. Probaby expensive. Might be worth seeing your GP and asking for a referal to OT. They often can advise on this sort of thing and can sometimes provide for free. You say you are having work done on bungalow… is the work by any chance being done by local authority? If so, they might provide the electric lock. Have you tried googling… ‘door lock for wheelchair user’ or something. Might be worth a try. You didn’t babble at all ! God you should read my posts when I’m in full babble mode! We’re a nice little gang on here and you are very welcome and hope you come back often. Lots of support and friendship here. See you again soon, Pat xxx (imagine big smiley right here).

Hi Pat,

Thank you so much for your advice on my front door problem. I will be seeing my OT on thursday so I will have a word with my OT then.

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Good luck on Thursday Kev. Hope you will let us know if your OT can solve your problem …in the meantime welcome to our extra friendly group. Nina x

Welcome Kev

I’m sure there’s some remote controlled thing on the market; wasn’t there something like this on Dragons Den a few years back? Will google.

Again, no problems with rambling on here. We all do it, although i tend to rant rather than ramble, especially when the cricket or baclofen are mentioned!

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Hi Clucker

I heard on the news today that theEngland womens cricket team have beat the Australians.

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Hi, I had the same problem getting out on my scooter. I can’t reach the lever that allows the seat to be turned round, as my right arm is very stiff and bent at the elbow most of the time. This meant I couldn’t spin round and close/lock the door behind me, plus when I arrived home, because of the steering column and tiller, i couldn’t get close enough to the door front-ways to open it! I’ve ended up having the path to our front door altered so it’s like a ramp with a level platform by the front door. Also had a low threshold front door put on. I also now intend to use a power chair. My scooter is OK if, say, I want to watch my youngest play football, but is too big to use in the Village Hall or school. Wheelchair Services popped out a couple of weeks ago to give me an outdoor assessment and they were impressed with the front access, which was a relief. They also suggested Motability, as I want an indoor/outdoor power chair that rises, which they don’t provide. I bought myself a cheap power chair in November to tide me over until I’d been assessed by Wheelchair Services, and it does open your eyes as to the problems wheelchair users face. I can get into the kitchen, but can’t do anything when I’m in there as everything’s at the wrong height or too far back for me to reach. Going outside on it is terrifying as there’s no suspension and you feel every bump. We’re also having the doorway to our downstairs loo widened as it’s narrower than a normal door. At the moment I’ve got a hand grab outside the toilet door so I can pull myself up to standing, then have to do a very unbalanced shuffle using door frames, to get inside. The plan is to be able to get a wheelchair inside. Anyway, I’ve waffled. Hope this helps. Heather

Also, the website where I saw the low threshold door had remote locking doors, I think. Composite doors dot com. One of their staff, Nigel, walked me through the whole order process. He was very helpful. Think the company itself is called Martindales.