lock your doors! (not MS)

Afternoon all!

Gonna tell you some awful stories I`ve heard …all in the past 10 days!

My carer came to do a sleepover. She arrived at 9pm. 5 mins later, her OH rang to say as he came downstairs from putting the young boys to bed, he encountered an intruder in their lounge. A quick verbal assault occured, then the b…t…d ran out. Carers OH dialled 999 and explained what had happened. He was told that as the intruder had gone, it wasnt an emergency and was told to find the number of the local copshop and ring them!!!. No cops came.

Same carer tells me another of her clients also had a break in during the small hours. The chap sleeps upstairs, his bedridden wife who has dementia, sleeps in the dining room. he heard a noise and got up, thinking it was his wife needing him. No, it was a masked burglar. He ran off when the householder came downstairs. That elderly chap is now a bag of nerves and sleeps in a chair close to his wife.

Another of my carers…her OH is a taxi driver. he was picking up a fair. The woman had a small child with her, plus several bags of shopping. Taxi driver got out of the car to help his passenger. as she was about to put toddler inside, a stranger (another b…) jumped in the drivers seat and sped away. Luckily little un wasn`t actually in the car.

I never cease to be shocked by the sheer audacity, neck and lack of thought for a fellow human being these waste of skin miscreants have.

What a world, eh?

luv POllx

Its awful Poll, i have always kept my doors locked for the last 10 years, every time someone comes in i tell them lock the door after you !! i cant understand why anyone leaves there doors unlocked these days,its just not safe enough to do this anymore, years ago i used to not lock my doors at all, i would go out and not lock the door,and at night i wouldnt bother, cant believe we used to be able to ,oh happy days !!!

jaki xx

Unfortunately, it pays to be paranoid these days :<)

Part of the problem must be that “we” aspire to live a Hollywood lifestyle but don’t even have the money to pay bills - so the easy route is to take someone else’s possessions. Not sure this is what David Cameron had in mind with his Big Society, but this is what he’s got us.

Lolli xx

I remember when we were kids, everyone had a key on a piece of string hanging inside the letter box. Everyone knew this, but it was commonplace.

Then there were times when wed leave a note pinned to the front door....key under bin`.

luv POllx

Hi Lolli, I know, rediculous innit?

luv Pollx


i was very sad to read ur post. when i moved here 15 years ago i left my machine for cutting grass-argh-have forgotten the word!! it was still in garden in morning. i regularly leave my door unlocked-tho son locks it when he comes home. i know some of u are in cities and so life is different-but i like the community spirit where i live. that also means that someone knows something re u sometimes thats handy. bikes and toys are safe in the garden.

there are some good folk out there-but sadly there also bad

ellie x

Blimey, how scary for those concerned. It’s awful when you don’t even feel safe in your own home. Teresa xx

Hi Poll!

I used to laugh at my mother-in-law when i first met her for locking the door (25 years ago) every time someone came in and out but i am now finding myself doing the same thing!

So sad how times have changed i agree. I don’t let my younger child answer the door to anyone either without an adult. You just can’t trust anyone any more.

Teresa. x

Thanks for that good advice Poll, I do hope these chancers get caught and that the innocent victims can one day live in peace away from the fear which has altered their lives.

I once had some work done in my kitchen at my old address and whilst I was chatting two men came to the back door and asked if the owner had moved. They were chancing their luck on stripping the place once they got the info. The kitchen fitters saw them off and told me it happened often when they left, because these misfits know the places may be empty during the night. It sure frightened me.



Hi Poll

I couldn’t agree more, there are some horrible b******s about in society today.

I think I may have told you this, but my 96 year old neighbour sat in her front

room with her back door open (I know we are always telling them not to do it)

but some evil git walked in and stole all her jewellery and money.

Upset the poor lady so much she had a heart attack and is still in hospital after

two weeks.

It’s a sad world Poll.

Pam x

Sad indeed Pam.

luv Pollx