Keysafes - Are they a good idea?

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We are getting a keysafe fitted as hubby is getting weaker to answer the door to his carer so his OT recommended one of these.

Does anyone else have one and is it not a little dangerous having that outside your home. When we are away from the home together I would not feel safe leaving keys in there.

How do you think about the keysafe? I would appreciate your comments.



They are brilliant and even if it’s ripped off the wall the thief is still gonna have a job to get the key out.

Why don’t you get an intercom; his carers ring the bell and he has a telephone to talk to whoever wants to get in then he just rings a buzzer to open the door. SS supplied and fitted mine; ideal you only let in people you want and hawkers can be told to frig off.


They’re pretty secure, I think. The way they are fitted, even getting them off the wall would be quite a task. For sure, it is good practice to keep very careful control over who has the code, and to change it from time to time - I think those are the most important things. My mum has one, and it makes life so much easier for district nurses, carers etc. Also, if you have a lifeline, they have a note of the number so that they could give the number to ambulance people so they could get in in an emergency. If you are going away together, you don’t have to leave the key in the safe, of course, if you are worried about it.



Ask a criminal (or a police representative) - how easy it is to break in. If you are worried then find an alternative?

My dad had one fitted when carers used to come in to mom as he couldnt hear the doorbell,many a time before they had left thinking no one was in!!!

He has kept it as he is now home alone,in poor health and nearest family are 80miles away.We like to know that someone could get in should they need to and his friends know the number.


I think they are great. I worked for many years as a community care assistant and came across many of them. They are a god send if someone needs to get in. I am also thinking of getting one for the simple reason my son always forgets his key

Do you have anywhere discreet to put it so it would help lower the risk of someone TRYING to break into it.

They are very sturdy and I don’t think you could get into it.

All I can add is that we are thinking about getting one, and giving the combination to a trusted neighbour.


l am going to get my daughter one - she is always losing keys - Monday morning she rang me early [ l was still in bed]

‘Mum - l’ve locked myself out and l haven’t got my car keys and l am going to be late for work!’ - l did change out of pj’s put leggings and jumper on and drove round to her with my key. The key box can be sited somewhere not too obvious -

but you do have to ‘remember’ the key number. They are safe - but not easy to use in the dark. Better then under a flower pot or doormat.


Hello Caz

Keysafes are brilliant. I believe different makes have different combination requirements, ranging from 4 to 10 digits, and I’d recommend getting one with more rather than fewer numbers in the combination. Yes, that’s a pain for users, but it stops the clever thief from trying to hack into it.

On siting, I’d recommend having it somewhere in plain view but where the opening operation can’t be overlooked - think of cash machines and PIN numbers. A casual thief’s not going to risk trying to get at the keysafe in plain view. Sad to say it, but the professional thief’s going to get in to any building anyway, with or without a key.

Of course, I know someone who doesn’t worry about whether he’s got his keys on him because he can always rely on there being a key in his keysafe for his companion of the day to fiddle about getting out.

Lolli xx

Hi, I have given a spare key to those I would want to get in incase of emergency. No codes are needed. As my carers are employed by me, with Direct Payments, no agencies are involved.

My daughters and a trusted neighbour also have a key each.

Are keysafes those press button devices? never seen any other types of door locks.

luv Pollx

My dad had one of the police approved ones fitted, by the company the social work dept recommended, he put it in a place where it is not in plain view and the keycode buttons are covered. Definately recommend them.

The OT contacted Linkline who will be installing it, however my brother made a good point…He said you will probably have to inform the insurance company. I will ask linkline first to see what they say.

Thanks all for your replies


I have a keysafe outside my front door. You can only open the box on keying in a number which you choose and can remember and only you and the carer knows.


I have one that I bought for around £8 a couple of months ago and it’s paid for itself already in what I’ve saved in having replacement keys cut!

I have two teenagers who always forget or lose their keys and was constantly up and down to answer the door, being woken late at night, and getting keys cut. The key safe has been a revelation and I wouldn’t be without it! It means I can now leave the house without worrying whether my kids have got their keys with them.

If we were all going away, say on holiday, I wouldn’t leave keys in there, but otherwise I am happy that it’s secure - it would be easier to shoulder my old front door open than it is to crack the key safe!


I work for a care company and our customers use them a lot - I highly rate them! However, it’s really, really important to change your code on a regular basis and only give it to those you trust. For anyone who has carers in, there is often a high turnover and you don’t want a stranger who no longer works for the care company knowing how to get into your house.

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Hi all thanks for the replies. We have had one fitted now but are choosing to get a door system instead.

We are thinking too deeply about the safety and insurance purposes and it may make any futre claims invalid if that system is used…



Thanks for the comments.