Keypad.....really useful idea from my O/T

Hi all This is a really useful idea…my O/T suggested a keypad device which is mounted in an alcove next to my front door. It has a concealed keypad which you set to a code, known only to you, which unlocks the device containing a front door key. In case you ever have a fall etc and need help, it allows a friend, neighbour, doctor, ambulance to get inside to you in the event of you being incapacitated and unable to get to the door. You give them the code when you ring for help. You can change the code afterwards if you wish. It has already come into it’s own twice when I have had a really bad day, mobility wise, it means my MS nurse can just let herself in and then replace the key on her way out. Xx

Keysafes are great. My mum was very deaf as well as disabled and I do not know how we could have managed otherwise when she was living alone in her bungalow - GP, district nurses, carers, cleaner, pharmacy delivery, Aid-Call, various friends and neighbours, Wiltshire Farm Foods delivery man, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all had that code.

A local not-for-profit called ‘Care and Repair’ fitted it for not very much money - I think that there are similar organisations that work closely with the social services OTs and social workers most places.


Thanks Alison…I knew it had a name !! Cognition is rubbish today…I put orange juice on my cereal this morning !!


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You’re right about the keysafe thingies and I got one from the Rainforest,but had to get the ‘Handy Fellah’ to fit it 'cos I couldn’t trust myself with the big drill.At present I manage with the occasional bit of help but the time will come when Uncle Com Tobbly et al will need to know my Fire Brigade number.

I get a sudden attack of ON everytime I read one of your posts,

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i got one fitted last aug-by neighbour-when i was bedbound. carers used it. gp has the number but not had to use it as yet. handy for my 17yr old son who doesnt need to take a key out with him!


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I had to Google Amaretto,and it looks like it’ll go well with Gavascon or Cillit bang bang

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