Any bright ideas?

Hi All,

Im looking for some idea. I’m wheelchair/bed bound and with all the recent news on at the moment about house/flat fires it’s got he thinking what I would do. You see, I live on my own in an annexe to my sons house and I’m wondering what I’d do if there was a fire in the night and my son and his wife were out. My son said I’d need to ring the fire services and tell them that I’m bed bound and then they’d get here super quick. It’s still a bit scary though.

So, do you good people have any bright ideas.

Thanks in advance Jane X

ZIP WIRE FROM BED or maybe a pogo stick. It is a scary thought as I am in the same situation. My Brother lives in a flat affected so I am saving up for a parachute for him.

Sorry I know its not been any help but I like the idea of a zip wire I have a trough floor lift and wanted a firemans pole but they said NO rotten lot


Dear me Don , you do make me laugh. I love the parachute idea. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Jane, I take it your annexe is on the ground floor only, yeh?

Even so, as you cant get out of bed yourself, it is a worry.

I guess all you could do if a fire broke out, is to call 999.

Perhaps you could have the Fire Service round for a house call/fire safety check.

I`ve had that myself. My exit is kept clear of barriers.


The fire brigade will come out and do some safety checks and a small questionnaire about your health and your mobility, that will be stored and God forbid you have to call them they know hey have to be with you super quick, that’s how it worked out for me…

Hi All,

I just love the idea of a zip wire. That’s what I wanted when I had a ceiling hoist put in. My annexe is long and I had visions of zip wiring all the way down from my lounge to my bedroom, it would have been SO much fun but sadly the council would only install a ceiling hoist, never mind :slight_smile: This is my sons idea of how to solve the problem. It’s a good idea I’ve got a sense of humour!!!

what about one of those panic buttons?

it is a big worry when you can no longer run outside (with or without clothes!)

carole x

oh dear me, the thought of me without clothes! argh not a pretty sight!

This is My sons bright idea. Sorry I messed it up before. I’ve got my phone by the bed for emergencies so I’d do a 999 and wait for a burly fireman.