Lion opens door

I hope this works. It sure made me jump

Bet you are glad it wasn’t you in the car #1. Scary, would have been a bit of a mess (if you know what I mean!!)

The clever so & so. x


cheeky lion breaking into the car.

one summer holiday i took my two (then aged 6 and 7 with a neighbours lad, aged 7) to knowsley safari park.

just past the lion enclosure it was the tigers.

whilst we were sat in the car looking at the lions my radiator burst and i had warm water running down my legs.

soooo what to do? i told the lads not to open the doors and to wait for rescue.

i blasted my horn for a good four minutes and then a zebra striped jeep pulled up.

a drop dead gorgeous chap attached a tow rope and we were rescued.

we were towed to the cafe to wait for the AA.

i had no money at all so thought the kids would me moaning for an ice cream but they spotted a conker tree and spent an hour collecting conkers.

they said it was the best day out ever!!!

as for me, i need a bottle of wine all to myself.

carole x

When I was young we went to a safari park in Scotland. My brother and I were already nervous as dad’s aging estate car had already popped the boot open on the journey to our holiday cottage on the Saturday and now he was driving us through the lion enclosure . There were big signs saying don’t park up, keep moving but the car in front of us stopped to take pictures so we had to stop too. The lions soon gathered and one of them laid in front of the car in front of us so it couldn’t drive off! It sounded it’s horn but the lion didn’t move. More lions drifted across and gathered around the cars.

The rangers arrived in their jeep and drove at the lions scaring them out of the way and we started to move but one of the male lions took a swipe at our car’s back door right next to my brother! We nearly wet ourselves. When we got to the other end and looked at the car there was a massive paw mark in the dusty car and it was really high up the car! I’m glad those lions hadn’t worked out how to open doors …

Tracey x

my first cat was called pepper and we were living in a downstairs flat.

i’d hear the doorbell and hurry down to open the door but nobody was there… except pepper.

thought we had a genius cat but it was sue downstairs ringing the bell

carole x