blonde will out!


embarassed here because i phoned motability assist to say that my car had an engine fault.

van pulled up and the guy reached into my car and vroom vroom!

i’d left it in drive!

so although i now have pink hair, that’s just dye.

my original blonde never went away!

ever so lovely those motability assist men.

he kept reassuring me that i hadnt lost the plot.

i thanked him for not rolling his eyes and tutting like my husband would have done.


carole x

Oh carole, I’m blonde too & not young, now I’ve got an excuse I blame the ms rather than age or hair colour, do have bad brain fog sometimes, I always say the dumber blondes are the ones that dye their hair blonde (point this out a lot, usually right as well). Don’t be too embarrassed, you have my sympathy. C

Ooops! it is funny though

Hi carole, have to admit before I came out in sympathy I did have a bit of a snigger

Don’t give it another thought - l doubt you will make the same mistake again. My automatic will not start unless it is in PARK - and l have to put my foot on the brake - then it starts.

A friend of mine was selling his automatic 4x4G Wagon on ebay - he could not get into it as he had broken his hip and pelvis in a

accident whilst on holiday in Thailand. A motorcyclist ran into him.He was on crutches. When the buyer arrived - he got in to start the car - but like you did not have it in PARK. My friend lent in the passenger door to advise him - when he suddenly started it and shot forward - knocking my pal down and fracturing his wrist. The chap cleared off leaving my pal on the drive - he did not take the car - or get an ambulance.

He had to come here for me to look after him - once he was out of hospital. l have a stair-lift and wet-room so well equipped. Since then my friend has successfully taken the chap to court for compensation.

from another blonde!

Throw in the MS card, works for me everytime


thanks for the replies.

good to know ms is the great leveller of all hair colours!

at least i met 2 lovely people - the man who lent me his phone and popped back to check i was alright and the assist man.

i had a major panic last night that something would happen on my journey so i suppose it could have been a lot worse!

been in bed all afternoon (good move to put daytime clothes over my jamas!!).

hubby asked me to pick him up too but i refused.

feel mean for that but one stint on m6 and M56 is enough for one day.

going to have something to eat and then go back to bed

carole xx

sorry i meant M6 and M65