Sad day

Morning all.

Yesterday I had to hand the car back, I had extended the contract for 6 mth and had a couple of months left.

In March I had a UTI that got into my blood and kidneys.

After a couple of days in hospital and some high strength intravenous anti biotics I came home but it had left me further down that slippery slope of disability.

The hospital actualy phoned me a couple of days after coming out to see how I was, they told me it would be quite a while recovering.

To cut to the chase I am now unable to transfer and am considerably more immobile and to top it all I am having trouble with my left arm and shoulder.

Actualy it was good news when I went to the doc, it is a frozen shoulder which can be treated, I thought it was the MS that was taking it although the effect is the same, I have very limited mobility in it.

So being as I am on hand controls I won’t be able to drive for between 6 and 24 mths which will serverly curtail my independence.

Now I’m 61 and have been driving and tinkering with cars since I was 16 as an apprentice mechanic, so thats 45 yrs, I had an HGV and over the past decade it has slowly diminished to just an automatic saloon.

Ahhhhh this MS could get you down.

Right I’ve had a good winge now feel much better now.


aw ronin sorry about your newest problem.

tis a bug*ger this ms

winge as often as you need to.

take care

carole x

Hi Ronin,

its so awful when yet another bit of independance is taken away,i learnt to drive 12 years ago,because i was having trouble walking,it gave me a lot of independance back,i had to give up driving last year,because it felt like the right thing to do, not because i wanted to,but i didn feel safe due to vertigo and my spacial awareness was 'nt as good as it was

it felt like yet another kick in the teeth,so i know just how you feel.

J x

This is a setback for you Ronin - but hopefully not permanent. Been through similar myself the last year. Started having one-to-one Pilates lessons which has, thankfully, improved me no end. Still able to drive - and use my Tramper. Do you think you could manage a scooter - TGA Supersport is a real ‘blokes’ type - motorbike handlebars etc. l know they can put the controls on either side. Good secondhand buy as well.

Chin up lad - UTI’s can take a while to get over. My GP is ‘referring’ me to the Sacral Neuro-Modulation unit at Solihull hospital.Someone on here - Dolphin - has had it done. lts a small device - implanted in buttock - that controls bladder and bowel.

Google it - hopefully l shall be a good candidate. l have a SPC - 19yrs now. lts been a life-changer - but if this new idea works on both bowel and bladder - it will be even better.

l do take D-Mannose to keep my bladder healthier - and drink apple cider vinegar with honey to help neutralise urine. As it is alkaline. Eating celery is supposed to help as well.

Hi buddy thats rough i feel your pain mate and i hope things look up soon :slight_smile: yep gets me and us all down at some point i think mate all the best sheep

Sorry to hear this Ronin it’s a sad day when we lose something we have taken great pleasure in. Hope you recover sufficiently to resume driving, I understand UTI’s can be evil and take months to recover from sometimes. Truly ironic to say I’m pleased to hear about your frozen shoulder! Best wishes Jan

Sorry to hear about this setback Ronin but good to know the frozen shoulder will be sorted eventually. This MS malarky can be a real bummer

Here’s a virtual hug from me ((((((hug))))))

Noreen xx

Morning on this fine and glorious day.

Thanks everybody for your replies and concern.

As I said just wingeing.

Got the OT coming Monday with a gent to look at fitting a sling in the bathroom and one where I sleep.

The training should be interesting.

Can see my lady will come home from work one evening and I’ll be stuck up on the ceiling, probably in the bathroom after a


What a sight that would be, oooooooo, it dosen’t bear thinking about.

I’m thinking about it Ronin…making me smile :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that Ronin but disability can be a real downer, my Uncle is at the stage where he shouldn’t be driving, he’s 78 has a bad tremor and pretty immobile but he still thinks he can drive, even that every corner of his car is dented (don’t think he has ever reversed his car at my pillars without bumping into them) It’s really sad, as he is a bachelor and he lives in the country, down a long lane, but, we, as a family are so scared of him having an accident…really tough one…