Bye Bye Motability Car

Just arranged to return my car to Motability. I really wanted to exchange for something more wheelchair-friendly, but Wheelchair Services have said it’ll take around 6 months to process…and that’s after I 've had an outdoor assessment which they haven’t arranged yet. The Fiesta was too small for me to get in and out of now, and it’s been stuck on the drive for months. You can’t move forward if you’re still clinging onto the past. Heather

hear, hear heather

i had to get rid of my car last november, u will adapt to life without it. alot of folk think they cant manage without various things-like car, work, partner but in reality we do! we are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for-we just need to change our limited thinking as u quite rightly point out, ellie

Ellie, it’s not all about being strong. If I don’t work, how do I pay my bills? I’m trying to change my limited thinking about that but it just ain’t happening…

hiya val

i take ur point. i was referring to strong minded-even when the body is failing. i was thinking of how my life was 18 months ago to now. brief summary-complete right sided weakness, double incontinence, speech and communication difficulties blah blah… i have had to change my thinking/attitude in order to find some coping skills amongst the devestation that i currently find myself in. i read in ms matters (via my one working eye) recently that in the main, severe ms is not discussed. i can only guess at reasons why such as that it wont get that bad for most (thank goodness!) or folk dont like to think what go wrong (which i can also understand) but the reality is there are folk who have no choice re working or not-just being awake, eating and surviving are daily issues. i hope that u are able to continue for as long as u want to and are able to work-of course i do!

18 months ago i would be agreeing with you but my life has changed so drastically i have had to rethink in order to get through even the most basic of tasks such as washing with the assistance of carers…

ellie x

ps its christmas 4 weeks on fri


I am so sorry to hear that you are going through such a dreadful time. If it is of any comfort this may not be your permanent future. I had a really bad relapse not dissimilar to yours which lasted for about a year before things started to improve. The last thing to get better was my eye. I had lost 1/2 the vision in my right eye and was told that after a year it would be a permanent loss but amazingly the vision returned after 2 years.

Did I read somewhere on one of your posts that you have started Tysabri? If so I really hope it helps you heaps and you get some improvement soon.
Hang in there, and never say never…


hiya b

i will pm you cos i havent told many what its really been like cos i dont want to scare folk!

yes-have had 4lots of tysabri but i know it cant repair the horrendous damage thats already been done. on the bright side theres been no more relapses since starting it

ellie x

heather-my apologies for hijacking ur thread e x

Hi, when I lost my own car, I couldnt imagine how I`d cope.

But I had a scooter and also used shopmobility in towns and as my hubby could drop me off and pick me up, I got by. Do you think it would be something you`d like to try?

But even 11 years on, there are still times when i`d love to drive again.

luv Pollx

Thanks for your replies. My Fiesta goes back to the dealer on Saturday afternoon. I won’t be sorry to see it go as I’ve not been able to drive it for over a year, but I miss not being able to pop to the shops or ferry my kids around. We’ve adapted to me not being able to use it but I am left feeling inadequate without it. Oh well. Heather

I had to give driving up,it still upsets me that i cant drive,i only learnt to drive because i couldnt walk more than a few yards,it gave me my independance back.but sadly i have lost my independance for the second time,MS really does suck,big time.

its not easy to accept,is it ?

J x