coventry police (selfies)...not ms

Have you seen the story? on a lighter note have you noticed the poster on the dooor? it says, I am the one who knocks, you couldn’t make it up!, (Breaking Bad poster)

Alison x

The one where they went into people’s homes, took selfies, and posted them on Twitter?

I’d have been absolutely outraged, if it had been me. Although it could certainly be considered “unwise” to leave our doors unlocked or windows open, in these sad times, it’s NOT an invitation to steal - or for anyone who wants - including police - to march in uninvited, and then brag about it.

Leaving your door unlocked isn’t a crime, and doesn’t merit scaring or shaming. Just childish behaviour by the police, and shows they’d rather do the much easier job of “catching” unwary householders who’ve committed no offence, than the rogues who might take advantage of it.

I think I’d have seriously considered taking legal advice, if it had been my home.

I’ve left the back door unlocked and gone to bed on more than one occasion. I don’t expect to find police in my kitchen at breakfast time, saying: “Now, now, what have we here? That was naughty, wasn’t it?”

No, it wasn’t “naughty” - it was an innocent mistake most of us have made at some point.

A note through the door saying: “We tested a few doors in the area, and found yours was unlocked - you might want to take more care” would be a more tactful way of doing it. But I’d still question what right the police have to go “testing” my security, instead of keeping the streets clear of people who might exploit my lapse.


Hmmm… Not read the story, and sounds very wrong…

I agree that a note to say ‘did you realise you left your door unlocked’ would be far more tactful. In a way, I think this would be a good idea. Yes, perhaps they should be out catching those exploiting our lapses, but prevention is better than a cure, so to speak. Better to bolt the door now rather than after the horse has run… Locked doors don’t usually mean that much to hardened criminals, so it would only really stop the opportunistic thief, I guess… And yes. I’ve left the doors unlocked on numerous occasions! Stupid bloomin’ memory!

Couldn’t agree more, just thought the poster was ironic! I remember leaning on a shop door (jewellers) that was open(shp closed) I and falling straight through it!, good job I knew most of the bobbies at the local station, used to live in the town centre and had many dealings at with them at work! very strange though as their alarm was on, station was about 200 yards away. The more I think about it maybe I had MS even then, as I recall knocking over a shoe stand after falling on it, it was outdoors iin a sort of porch area, very embarassing! I can remember being woken by the sound of police radios once,when my mother had not locked the front door, that was quite scary, particularly in town,she never did it again.

Not heard of that story but I too find it disgraceful. Haven’t the Police got enough to do?

What about those poor people living with dementia and forgetting to lock their door only to find Police standing there in the morning.

If they did it here they would get our 8 stone German Shepherd’s jaws round their ankles and good job too!!

Shazzie x

Oh Shazzie, now you are making me miss Reg! best burglar alarms ever, but big softies on the quiet! I wouldn’t have liked to see Reg’s reaction to a PCSO uninvited in the hall!!

Hahahaha Maude. Bet you do miss Reg. We had a Shepherd before Charlie and we still miss her like mad. Was Reg a German Shepherd? Like you say they are big softies really (but we won’t tell anyone). Lol. Charlie hears anyone walking down the path. It’s funny though. If the person is well known to us he doesn’t bark but if it’s a stranger he barks really loudly,

Hope I didn’t’'t upset you too much.

Shazzie xx

Yes, he was a very large GSD! unfortunately he had EPI, endocrine pancreatic insufficency (quite a mouthful) took the army vet ages to dx him, he lost 3/4 of his body weight during that time but worse than that they kept working one of the dogs(RAF dog section) that had the same thing,during a Cyprus summer, poor thing, too costly for them to keep in the end, Reg’s medicine,well an enzyme in powder form, used to cost us 80 Cypriot pounds every 3 weeks, he was worth it and was fine, put all his weight back on! but hubby’s boss pulled me away from several (on different occasions) guys who would say, just have him put down and get another dog, the boss was a dog lover and close to punching them on my behalf! hubby on detachment at the time, yes even when you have a sunshine posting, still have detachments, fantastic hospital though, on the peninsula, would have made a lovely hotel!

just realised my keyboard has no pound symbol!

Alison x