the wanderer returns!

Afternoon one and all!

We got back from hols yesterday. we went to Slimbridge in Glos. in our campervan. The camp site is called Tudor Caravan Park. Been going there for 15 years and have seen lots of changes to the good. Can highly recommend it if anyone`s thinking of going to that area.

It is right next to the Sharpness/Glos canal and a few mins down the road is the first WWT bird sanctuary, which was established by the nauralist Peter Scott.

Gosh, don`t i sound like a tourist leaflet! Well, that was my job in my former life..............I ran the Halifax and Hebden Bridge tourist info centres!!

The weather was mixed but generally quite good. We spent good times with family and friends, had lots of laughs............particularly when we played `I went to the shop`.it got really daft at times!

The camper held up well, but my back didn`t like the bed and it hurt like chuff! Another job for hubby to sort out.............making my bed into an electric one....providing I can locate a motor............oh we `are watching one on e bay, which ends in 3 days. Anyone got one they`ve no further use for?

Thanks for all your good wishes and it`s good to be back. Got a lot of posts/replies to catch up on.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

Glad to see you back and that you had a great holiday. Sounds like you had a really lovely time - though shame about the bed!

I bet it’s nice to be home to all your own comforts!

Teresa xx

Oh it sure is!

luv Polly xx

Welcome back hon. Missed you!

Hope the back feels better soon.

Pat x happy2

Hi Poll,   glad you had a good time!!

We have a caravan and we are used to the weather being up and down - aint we?

We are British after all!!!!!  LOL!!!!

Welcome back


Oh yes! Thats what we said when bro in law was attempting to erect his new drive away awning adjacent to his motorhome. he gave up and put it away...............til the next time when it isnt blowing a gale and raining like there`s no tomorrow!

luv Pollx

Glad to be back.

luv pollx

Our awning blew off once poll - in Skegness!!!

All the contents of it was blowing down the site - including our dirty washing!! lol!!!

i can laugh now but at the time it was not funny!!

It did damage to the side of van where the awning poles dug in.

Good job we had insurance.

I will never forget the sight of my hubby running down site after our belongings everywhere!!  LOL!!!  Priceless!!

Teresa. x

Welcome back Polly, glad you had a good time.


Hi Poll nice to have you back and yes Slimbridge is lovely we went there last year on your recommendation ;-))))))  Im pleased to hear you had a good time but sorry to hear about your back problems and hope you manage to get a bed sorted.

(((((Hugs))))) Mary

Hi Poll,

Nice to have you back and glad you enjoyed your holiday albeit the bed. Have missed you. Hope your back feels better soon. Just out of curiosity 'what did you get when you went shopping?'


x     happy

Hi Poll, welcome back so glad you had a good time, I went to the shop brought back my childhood memories especially on boxing day when all of my cousins, aunts and uncles and there were a lot of us played lots of games included that one. Chat soon. Karen xx

Hi, sounds like you had a lovely time. I must have missed you saying you were going away, been a bit busy of late, myself.

Poll, you sound like a great advert for the tourist info, I can imagine you attracted lots of visitors to the area when you ran the tourist info centres.


Hi Poll,

              Welcome back, we've missed you!


                       Best Wishes (especially for your back),


Fab - glad to hear you had a good time!


Lolli xx

Thank you all so much for the lovely welcome back. I know i`m home when so many of you message/reply to me.

I am blessed to have friends like you.

luv Pollx

No Poll you've got that wrong, we're blessed to have you!!  happyflower




Oh you little sweetheart!

much luv Pollx

Awwww welcome back, wondered where you were. Sounds like you had a good time. Lovely. Love the campsites. Worked on a few too. Travelled abroad in an old Hymer. Good times.

Hope youre well