I know this is off-topic, but just wanted to say I hope everyone is ok and safe after the horrendous storm last night.



Thanks Wills. I was due a trip out to meet my newly adopted donkey.
But bad weather has put a stop to it…have to wait till next year.

It even hit the news over here. Hope everyone’s okay.

I’m good, thanks for asking, was a rough night.

Hi Willowtree
Was a bit of a cracker, wasn’t it? All well here (Yorkshire) but slightly fewer trees standing than there once were!

I bet the storm has made Priti Patel very happy.

Very breezy here in North Yorkshire. Luckily my house is protected from the northly winds (and east and west) by a large forest. I did move my car which is normally parked under huge beech trees, which have a tendency to drop branches. Only twigs fell this time I so could have left it there as it turned out.

I put cloches over my winter salads two days ago and have learnt over the years how to tether them down - they stood up to the wind fine, but my winter brassicas were at very strange angles by midday! Now staked up properly.

Had some snow overnight, which melted, and sleet most of today. Snow expected tonight and tomorrow. One year (approx 7 years ago) we got snow in late November and had it on the ground until end of January! But it looks warmer by Tuesday so it shouldn’t happen this time, just yet, hopefully.

Had my usual flock of blackbirds waiting impatiently and noisily outside the back door for their food. At least 15 of them! Plus all the other birds too. I’d stocked up on sunflower hearts for them on Thursday, and have good stocks in of sultanas for them, so they were in luck.

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Just looked outside and the snow is starting to settle!

Ooh, donkey! Congratulations! :laughing: :hugs:
They’re the sweetest beasties :heartpulse:
Hope you’ve got out to meet now, or that you get to do so soon.

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Hi Rainbow, I wont be able to meet Billy O till spring now.

Hi :wave:

Man that sucks. What a long wait! I take it he’s off to be stabled somewhere for the winter? Hopefully thanks to you he’ll be somewhere with hay and maybe carrots :carrot: :grin:

Billy lives in a donkey sanctuary with lots of his friends. It’ll be luxury I know! Look him up. He’s at Leeds.

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