Batten down the hatches!

Hi gang, hope you are all ready for the big storm?

I’ve got candles and torch handy… it’s already very windy here.

Having an ‘in bed’ day. Saw a couple of friends yesterday… had really lovely time but of course I’m paying for it today.

I’m watching the crab-apple tree outside my window swaying in the wind. Hope it survives the storm. I would really miss it if it wasn’t there… as would the Great Tits who come and visit twice a day.

Stay safe my lovelies,

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Its not too bad in the lakes at the mo, heavy rain then blue skies most of the day with some gusts. Blue sky as I look out now.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your ‘in bed’ day Pat



Hi Pat Very gusty here - trying to anchor down anything loose outside. Looks like it’s going to be bad here! Hope your tree stays upright - we back onto the woods so I hope we’ll be safe! I’ve gone down with another UTI, so feeling crap. I’ll be onto the GP i’n the morning. Don’t know why I’m getting them again as the self-cath has kept me free of them for months! Boo hoo! Hope everyone stays safe! Teresa xx

Hello, among others, Southern trains are not expecting to run much before 9 tomorrow morning. East Sussex Roads has tweeted 10 trees don already. Looks like they’ll be no Mac convoy-pram with baby/wife/me on scooter trundling up the ridiculously narrow pavement up to the shops tomorrow. Best wishes, Steve.

Hope you all remain safe. It’s gusty with heavy showers here on the north west coast of England but we’re supposed to avoid the worst of it. I’m happily ensconced in my nice warm house where I plan on playing the wimp and hibernating. I’ve got a book, lots of sewing and a couple of dvds. I’ve stocked up on my shopping and as long as we keep our electricity I’ll be warm and cosy.

I hope you’re all prepared and stay safe.

Cath xx

Sorry to hear about UTI hon. Hope you can get it cleared up soon and feel better.

Thinking of you.

Pat x

Teresa I hope you feel better and don’t have trouble getting antibiotics with the weather being awful. I also thought self cath would save me from UTI’s but sadly it hasn’t but it’s wonderful being able to empty when you want or need to instead of the discomfort of a full bladder.

Stay safe. Cath xx

Thanks girls - I went for months and months without a UTI. Very depressed that they have returned! I am very scrupulous about hygiene, so don’t think it can be that! Keep hearing about D-Mannose as a good preventative for them. I may ask my consultant about it when I see him in January! Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, I am also sorry to heat about your uti.

Fingers crossed I havent had one since having the spc put in in July. Prior to that I had a 6 month long one, that anti b`s wouldnt shift.

I think d-manoose isnt on scripts, but Frances buys it on-line.

I am taking cranberry tablets.

luv Pollx