Just went shopping & as I was driving, there were bins all over the place.

They flew out from side roads. It was so comical. Yet I can bet my insurance doesn’t cover being attacked by bins.

I almost looked like everyone else struggling to walk, getting blown about.

Glad I’ve got my Irish Cream, to warm the cockles & so glad I had my hat & gloves.

Keep cosy peeps.



i cant get out house-fortunately i have teenagers to send on errands as asda shop couldnt delivered cos of weather! tho i completely understand that…


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Hi there Ellie. What’s with the cow avie? Yes getting folks todoanything is useful. I do everything myself, because it turns out to be cheaper. I don’t tend to let myself down either. The days when I can’t do things, nothing gets done, besides sleeping. I’m so glad to have everything set up where I want stuff. I can hear the wind howling outside. It’s even stripped all the snow off my car, so that’s saved me a job. Roll on spring! There’s fresh air to be injested.

hiya t

i just liked the picture! its a aberdeen angus calf!

e x

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So it’s my future steak dinner then. The bins are back in their rightful place today. Just had my head shaved on zero to feel the cool breeze.

Hello Terry , the bins on our estate were all over the place too. What with the beast from the east and storm Emma it’s not been great for travelling in a power chair. I went out on Saturday , the 1st time in many days the wind was still very cold but most of the snow had gone , we don’t get a lot in Frodsham. Michelle and Frazer xx

That’s the spirit Michelle. Get out there & get some fresh air. The cold makes us feel alive & enjoy the warmth more. Just been to the cinema with my son & his friends to watch Black Panther. It was Marvelous! Take it easy out there & enjoy life as best you can. Only you know whats’s best & it’s not the beast!

Terry, nice to see you’re still being a nutter. We all need people like you.

I haven’t been out for 12 days. I don’t mind. But now my scoter’s charged up I know I can if I want.

Don’t know about the shaved head bit though. I’m thinking of getting a treble and bass clef tattooed on my right arm.


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Anyone who listens to so called experts is a nutter. Maybe I should get a male organ tattood on my forhead. When I fall these days, I just say I’m rehersing for an action movie. Well done on getting your wheelchair charged up Steve. The great outdoors is calling. You’ve inspired me to get my sampler out. Terry Tunes

Get out when you can Steve. I know I feel better when I have felt the wind on my face. Sitting right now by the back door. Wind blowing but it isn’t cold. Watching the birds on the bird feeder. Ahhhh life is good. Xx

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