Well it was sunny in Malvern today at 09.00am… now its grey and the wind is starting to blow the trees around.

Ive moved my bird table and pots close to the house and all the windows are shut.

Last big storm in of 1987 1/2 of my roof disappeared !

I hope that everyone is prepared this time and I THANK GOD that Im not at work today !


In Reading, the sun is out and hubby is outside giving the lawn a mow!

I’m sure it’s probably a bit soggy as it rained all evening yesterday… I wonder what later will have in store for us, it might be sunny but I can still hear the wind whistlng out there so no doubt it’ll be howling later!

Stay safe everyone :wink:

Sonia x

Very windy in London already. Also lots of sea gulls… I’m guessing they haven’t come inland for nothing.

Stay safe folks and prepare for power cuts (although beyond having candles & torch not sure what else we can do).

Pat x

I’m in Cornwall the rain & wind is coming thick and fast been out and stripped my daughters trampoline. Gotta be in London first thing not looking forward to the drive

battening down the hatches here in worcester been told its on its way here later tonite so heres hoping i dont get blown away trommorow when i go to gps for more meds and info on spms lol

its windy in scotland. my son has just brought the wheelie bin in to the kitchen!

Bristol is getting very windy.

Just been in the garden making sure everything is pinned down.

Ooooo Errrr.

Stay safe everyone!!

Shazzie xx

I think you all are giving Belgium. Some of that wind as well,

Hi, here in Elland, West Yorkshire it is blowing a bit…we are in a valley twixt Halifax and Huddersfield…those towns are higher than us and get blasted quite a bit more than us.

I always give this advice for stormy weather;

if you`ve got anything loose and flapping…tie it down!

That comes from our camping days!

Keep safe all.


I’ve started placing candles ready. Apparently the first power is already out in Pangbourne, Berkshire.

Think it’s going to be a mild night, fortunately, so if the heating’s out, shouldn’t be anything an extra blanket won’t solve. But don’t want to be without light. Already had one accident this week - don’t want to tempt fate by stumbling around in the dark.



Still clear, sunny and not too windy in Northumberland.

Oh no, Pangbourne is only up the road! Fingers crossed then…x

I hope the Swan has plenty of candles.

Not too bad here in Solihull…so far, so good! Take care and keep safe everyone!

By the looks of it, we just had a power cut in the night, as the time on the microwave was flashing zero this morning. Very happy we don’t have to work Mondays that’s for sure! :slight_smile:

We’re just watching the news though, I guess not everyone has been so lucky tho :frowning:

Hope you are all OK

Sonia x