Hi all

Some of you may remember that every year we have a pair of ducks come, before they have eggs. Looked out of thee window this morning, and there they were, looking for their food.

Hubby made a quick exit to the garage, and came back clutching their black tray, what they have water in and their container of sunflower seeds.

Minutes later we have two happy ducks, just hope they don’t arrive before 8am in the morning, cos they get impatient and tap on the window!

Quite apt they appeared today, cos I feel like their adopted Mum lol

Hope everyone has had a lovely day, I have been well and truly pampered.

Pam x


That’s lovely Pam. I love spring, watching the lambs. The farm behind my parent’s house has just had a few little black ones and I could have spent all day watching them bouncing around. Do your ducks breed in your garden or just fatten themselves up in preparation?

Enjoy watching.

Cath x


How lovely Pam!!!

I have bird feeders on my windows (much to Dickie’s delight, although of course he can’t actually get to them!) and have great tits come often and sometimes a robin.

I often hear geese flying over and if I’m lucky I get to see them. They fly to the wildlife pond in Alexandra Palace.

Would love to have ducks visit but there’s only so much you can expect in the city!

Pat xx


aww Pam thats so lovely, my brother and his wife had a pet duck for ages, called Bridget until someone came and pinched it,they were distraught when it happened,they loved her.i love ducks lol.

J x


Hi Cath

No, they go down to the canal and breed, and once they have eggs, they only visit one at a time, they really are quite clever, one stays to guard the eggs, whilst the other goes to eat.

They are lovely visitors, and I look forward to it every year.

Pam x

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Hi Pat

I also love watching the birds, and listening to them. Hubby has put a little nesting box out the back garden, and one day last week, we had a pair of tiny bluetits sat on the fence. We stayed still looking out the bedroom window, and after a while the one went right in the box, the other one sat on the top, so we are really hoping they might use it.

We are both keeping a look out, but as yet, we haven’t noticed anything…but fingers crossed.

Lovely blue sky here now, after a quick flurry of snow this morning, cold though.

Hope your now able to enjoy your new kitchen, and relax now it is all done.

Pam x


Hi Mrs J

My hubby has always wanted to keep ducks, but we have lots of foxes at night, and we would both be gutted if they were taken.

This way we have the best of both worlds, they visit in the day, and go back down the canal at night, we call them Charlie and Clarissa!!

Hope you feel brighter today.

Pam x


Aww that is lovely Pam, i love ducks, i cant wait till my twin Granddaughters are old enough to feed them at the park. Its so nice that you’ve named them I always think it gives them personalities.

Michelle x


Signs of spring! I love the names, Pam. Hurrah for Charlie and Clarissa!

We’re fairly rural here. Later in the spring, when it’s warm enough to have the bedroom window open, I love hearing the lambs calling for their mums in the night.