Funny and cute

This has absolute nothing to do with Ms well maybe a little when I was dx at the beginning of the year I bought a puppy cos I was depressed and he gets me out the house. Well we are watching the TV about the Egyptians and buddy is eating a snack when he runs away from the TV scared! What a wimp he really is feared of queen Nefertiti (it didn’t just happen once every time she was on!) lol

That is so sweet Emma.

My German Shepherd runs away when the advert about the guide dog puppy comes on. He is scared of the little puppy. Hehehe!! I don’t think he realises that he is 43 kilos!! xxx

They are so funny buddy is a pomerainian and lives with two Japanese Akitas but he still bully’s them!! If the stood on him he’d be squashed. Little dog syndrome haha

animals have the same fears as human children.

my youngest son was totally fearless. at 2 years old he would climb any tree if i wasnt’t there to stop him.

but my sister in law bought my husband a latex mick jagger as a joke birthday present.

my little billy was terrified of it. he’d scream each time he saw it.

we put it in a drawer that he was forbidden to go in but one day we heard a terrified scream and yes he had gone in the forbidden drawer!

we showed him a tv programme of the stones on stage and he showed no fear, in fact he danced.

but that latex head scared him.

so maybe your little puppy is just reacting to queen nefertiti as though she was a latex mick.

carole x

Lol maybe but you can’t blame him for been scared of a Mick jagger head can you he is quiet scarey lol

em x