Turning to mush


Does this happen to any one else or am i getting old? yesterday i got really caught out with my emotions… there was a knock at the door and a young lad only 18 was collecting for RSPCA there were a few of them so i know he was genuine… but i ended up in floods of tears at the door… its funny i was fine just explained i couldn’t stand so sat on the mat he was the kindest lad he crouched down on my step and showed me the pictures well that was sad enough but when he gently asked how i was and i told him about Frazer (assistance dog) and how having him had changed my life the tears started… i can’t believe how kind he was and later he came back to say goodbye and told me that seeing me had inspired him… don’t know how or why didn’t even sign up to his scheme (can’t afford to at the moment) but it made me realise that there are some truly good people out there, it was just so refreshing to have met him.

Michelle x

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Hi Michelle, i think its when anyone shows us any kindness,it really touches us,he sounds so nice bless him and to say you inspired him was a lovely thing to say,theres so much evil in the world that when you come across people like this it restores your faith in human nature,it really does.


J x

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Michelle - l found myself whelling up when reading your post - now l can hardly see for tears. Yes, anything to do with animals sets me off.

You inspired the young man - and l bet he is telling people about your dog.

One of my rescue rotties - very cruelly treated for the first 12 months of his life. He was rescued by the Rottweiler Rescue and they did wonders with him. They train some of their dogs as assistance dogs and PAT dogs. Reggie - my lad - was also trained as a PAT dog - and also had some training as an assistance dog. He opens all doors - will take washing out of the machine - take off my socks and gloves. BUT - not always when l want him to!!! He is a softie - loves children and babies and best of all other dogs. Even when some yappie terriers attacked him - he still did not retaliate. The postmen never fear about coming to my house as they know the dogs are friendly. They open the side gate and leave parcels for me with no fear of the dogs. Window cleaner is the same. Even the district nurses just open the front door and come in. There are two local farms - and the postman and walkers have been bitten by the sheepdog at one - and the black lab at the other.


hi michelle,

what moved me the most was the fact that he was only about 18 yrs old.

young lads have such a bad press.

yes some are thugs but absolutely not all of them.

his instincts are amazing, crouching down to talk to you.

wish i wrote for a newspaper, i’d do an article about young lads and the negative stereotypes.

thanks for such an uplifting post.

carole x

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Hello spacejacket, Thanks for your lovely message…so i’m not the only softy. Its lovely to hear about your dog Reggie, its amazing what they can learn to do Frazer can empty the washing machine…I have such a big load i’m sure he is frothing at the mouth when he’s finished! He’s learned to fill it as well and helps me put the washing on the line passing me clothes and pegs… but the best thing is i never feel alone anymore, i used to feel scared to go out even though i had the power wheelchair, but he goes everywhere with me he’s allowed in shops, cafes and even hospital appointments… iv’e had him as a assistance dog since November.

Michelle x

Thanks MrsJ

Your right it does restore our faith… I bet his Mum is so proud of him.

Michelle x

Thanks Carole,

Yes it would make a lovely story…I was so moved by the fact that he came back to say goodbye and told me i’d inspired him, i was equally inspired by him… its so lovely when someone takes the time to listen and be kind.

Michelle x


Reggie is on my avatar. With him is Bliss - a rescue from Romania. This photo was taken the day she arrived - my two rotts have really welcomed her - and now the young minx is the bossy madam!!! She was found on a mountainside with her sisters - at 3weeks old. The A Better Life Dog Rescue - found a foster carer for them. Bliss was born without a tail and had a deformed femur. The charity paid for her to be operated on at 6 weeks. She was 15 weeks old when she came - after all the rabies inoculations etc for a passport. After several months of hydrotherapy she is now sound on all legs. The rotts - well thats a different story - they were cruelly treated. One spent the first 9 months of her life on a balcony on a high-rise flat. The other Reggie - was the runt of a litter - kept in a shed with loads of other dogs - at a puppy farm. He was starved and beaten- as they did not want him. Sadly, the RSPCA would not act quickly enough so the Rottweiler Rescue stepped in to get him away - having to actually ‘pay’ for him.

l have seen on the ABLDR Success Stories site - The sisters of Bliss. And the Romanian lady who fostered her was thrilled to see how the all turned out. Happy Endings!!

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Hi Michelle

What a lovely thing, it just goes to show that whilst all youngsters get a bad press, there are good ones out there as well, but only the other ones hit the headlines.

Don’t feel bad about showing emotion, don’t forget ms messes us up in all ways, I can cry at the drop of a hat these days.

Your dog sounds fantastic, I would love one, but I don’t think my yorkie would, hhe would have to share my attention.

Pam x

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Well that’s made my day today.

Thanks Michelle x (and everyone else)


Thanks Pam,

I bet your yorkie is gorgeous, Loads of things get to me at the moment but it was kinda happy sad tears all mixed up thats what I am…it always humbles me when someone is so kind.

Michelle x

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Thanks Steve,

Glad it made your day…its nice to have a positive story to tell.

Michelle x

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Hello Spacejacket,

What a lovely story…and a gorgeous picture, poor Bliss, shes so lucky to have you… and so lovely that they all get on. its amazing the work that the rescue charities do. Poor Reggie, how can people be so cruel?..I’m so glad that they have a happy life with you.

Michelle & Frazer xx

I just logged on for the first time for a few days and read the posts above your post and couldnt find the words to inspire in a reply so didnt reply at all. Then I read this and it has cheered me up. Michelle thank you for posting this I am now sitting here with a smile instead of a frown. XXX For you and a big hug for Frazer. I have put a marrow bone on my blog for him he wont be able to eat it but I have done it for him. see it here

Hello Don,

Frazer says thank you, he appreciates the thought!!!

We’ve just come back from Cheshire oaks we went on the bus…just for the fun of it, as my Dad used to say… “there and back to see how far it is” we sat in Harry Ramsdens and had 3 kids fish bites meals and chips… me, Ben and Isabelle…and poor Frazer had none, well just a bowl of water its the 3rd time wev’e done the bus and this time i managed to get in the disabled spot… it did help that we had a lovely bus driver and I didn’t feel rushed. I hope that you are having a good day Don, plenty of sunshine.