Worrying night

Frazer has been off colour for a few days . Yesterday he was sick in Morrison’s, I was a bit embarrassed but the staff there are lovely they cleaned it up and brought him a drink and helped me finish my shopping . He’s been fine in himself as regards eating…but he’s a greedy pig anyway . But last night my son in law noticed a lesion ( sore patch ) on his face. Well I panicked, we’d been free running him last weekend and I was convinced that he had that dog disease Albama rot …It can be fatal and you have a small window of time to get treatment . We were at the out of hours vets till 3 in the morning. They did blood tests and gave him antibiotics. Thankfully it isn’t Alabama rot , it’s just a upset tummy probably caused by eating cat poo. And the injury to his face is just a coincidence. Last night I was so scared I love him so much . It was a shame he telly cried when they gave him the injections. Today he’s sulking and has a blue cone of shame around his neck to stop him scrating his face. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your scare with Frazer. Obviously it must of been very worrying for you and I’m so glad that it wasn’t what you thought it might of been and he’s making a good recovery (he’s probably feeling a bit sorry for himself now though). I have read a number of stories in the News lately about these diseases that the dogs (& other animals are picking up) and it’s very upsetting but you did the right thing and acted quickly, and we’ll done to the Morrison’s staff for helping out with things too.

I can imagine how much you love him and what he means to you as I always had dogs until a few years and I loved them so much too they were my world. Tbh at the moment I am thinking about getting a another little dog but not 100% sure because of having my MS and whether it would be the right thing to do or not but I do have a lot of time and love to give it.

Enjoy being with Frazer and spoil him rotten (a bit more than usual) when he’s feeling better and continue making happy memories with him.

Thinking of you both.

Twinkle Toes x

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Oh no Michelle. Poor little love.

I’m sending virtual treats.

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Thanks twinkle toes . He’s been quiet today , I’m sure he will be back to his usual self in a few days .

Thanks Steve …did you make those yourself , they look good enough to eat . Now I want a virtual box of chocolates. Xx

Aw bless, I can imagine how worried you’ve been. Hope he’s back on form very soon

Sonia x

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Big hugs to Frazer …hope he is soon back to feeling very well. Dogs have curious eating habits - mine go out of their way to find rabbit droppings - a real treat it would seem!

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Hi Michelle,you must have been so worried…poor Frazer…glad hes ok now.


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Hi Michelle

Oh what a worrying time for you, I expect he will soon be back to his normal self.

(((Hugs to both of you x

Pam x

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I’m so pleased he’s ok now Michelle!

Take Care,

Nina x

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