Poor Frazer

Poor Frazer, has had his little nose pushed out, he’s so inquisitive wondering why our house is such a hive of activity, his big brown eyes keep looking at me and wondering when he will be next going out with the wheelchair, and he’s confused when we shut the bedroom door on him…I keep giving him his doggy treats and stroking his head, its amazing how the babies have turned everything on its head. I’m so tired and over did things a bit yesterday, last night i felt very breathless and had the chest pain, I know its nothing serious, just the weak diaphragm, i had this happen before when the paramedics came out in August, so its just a warning not to do too much,.


I know that it is easy to say but hard (impossible!) to do but you definitely need to pace yourself. If you exhaust yourself you will be no use to anyone particularly your lovely granddaughters and your daughter.

Trust Frazer, he knows that you need some quality YOU time - well you and retriever time - so do what the doggy doctor orders and have a good cwtch (*) with him on the sofa. It will recharge your batteries and let you enjoy granny-dom even more!

( * Cwtch - this is not completely my useless typing but it is my absolute favourite Welsh word; it’s closest translation is cuddle or hug but it means soooooo much more!)


Hi Michelle, time to pace yourself and try and rest, i know how hard that is,but please try,you will be no good to anyone if you get ill.

give those gorgeous little babies a kiss from me.

J x

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Hi Michelle

Enjoy those babies but take rest as and when your body tells you, otherwise your delightful MS will make you pay.

Fraser seems to know, he is such a clever pooch, take care.

Pam x

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They’re so right Michelle. It’s so hard to step back a bit when you feel you can be useful but you’ll end up exhausting yourself. I’ve been rushing around trying to do as much as possible for my mum and dad but my body has just decided that it can’t do anymore and I’ve spent much of today asleep. Like you I need to pace myself or neither of us will be of any use when our help is really needed.

Take Frazer on an extra special walk tomorrow and take the time to enjoy being out with him. I did that this morning and I really feel better for it, and the pooch loved it too. He’s lost as well as he belongs to my parents but is living with me as dad’s really frail now.they feel any upheaval.

Cath x

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Michelle hugs all round for you the babies your daughter but a special hug for Frazier.


You take it steady now missus, okay?

luv Pollyxxx

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Michelle, Your daughter may just have had twins but she is young and strong.

You have to step back a bit however hard that is. You’ll be no good to anyone if you make yourself even worse… And then your daughter will have you to worry about as well.

Step back as others have said and take Frazer for a walk.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx


Thanks Pat, Ive just read your message…Im so sleep deprived its untrue. and a im a bit emotional, i know that she’ll go home soon and i’ll really miss her and them, its nearly 13 years since i had my last baby and i haven’t forgotten a thing, whatever this wretched disability has taken from me its not taken my ability to love and nurture my little granddaughters, Iv’e fed them changed them and had so many cuddles, in fact today little Naomi waited till the nappy was off and covered me in yellow poo.

The reality is i’m not like i was, i’m older and weaker and my legs are so painful, i think i’m trying so hard to do loads but the nicest thing is there is no one telling me i can’t do this, even Christine my Carer told me that one of my friends had expressed doubt at my abilities to look after Rochelle and the babies,saying she couldn’t understand Rochelle staying with us, but thankfully Christine my carer put her right and said i was completely capable , and that is probably the best thing of all having my carers looking after me and the house and make the meals means that i can look after Rochelle. And I have to say Grandad Lee is the most amazing Grandad, those little girls have completely got him wrapped around their little fingers

My bubble will end soon Pat, I’m and i probably would burn out eventually but its so lovely to know that this is something not even ms can take off me.

Michelle x


Thanks Polly…I’m listening to you all but i’m still on such a high!

Michelle x

Thanks Don, Iv’e given him a special hug from you,

Michelle x

Thanks Cath, I’ll try to ease off a bit , Lee is great and has had a few days off so has been helping with the night feeds, Lamy her husband comes every night after work , but Rochelle is better here where she will be looked after than being at home on her own,it takes 6 weeks to get over a C section so when she feels better she’ll go back home, they are in the middle of moving house so hopefully it will all be done for her by Lamy and friends and relatives and she can go back to the new house.

Michelle x

Thanks Pam, Good advice

Michelle x

Hello Jackie, You told me it would be fantastic and it is, its even better than i could imagine, but i’ll try to listen to your advice

Michelle x

Boblatina, I love your message, I’ll try to remember that welsh word (cwtch) it has a lovely meaning, I definitely need some Frazer time!

Michelle x

It’s lovely reading how you, Rochelle and the twins are doing. You’ll have plenty of time to rest when they’ve gone home. Plus you’ll have the warm feeling that you did all you could for them.

Love Pollx

Hugs to you all sweetheart enjoy it while you can, one of my best mates told me

Don this ain’t a practice run just get on with it.

Having messed around and made big print I couldn’t get rid of it so here is the finish of the previous post

He lived his life at a full pace and died young. We can all sit around saying “woe is me” but sometimes doing makes you feel better than watching from the sidelines. Enjoy them and s0d what others say.