weird sensation


I have a weird sensation in my fingers that I’ve not really had before - it feels like I’ve been stung by nettles all down the sides and backs of the fingers on my right hand - there’s no rash or change in the skin, and it’s not been relieved by any hand cream, so I think this is probably another weird and wonderful symptom (doesn’t this stupid disease just love to come up with new ways to annoy you?) - has anybody else had this?



hi there, yeah, that sounds very familiar. i get those sensations too, mine feel like my hands are stinging and itching and it spreads around the rest of my body sometimes too. it is very hard to get relief from this, but, cooling the skin can help a bit, hope this helps, love bex xx

Thanks Bex x

Hi Luisa,

Same here - like your description - I lie in bed in the morning and can feel the palms of my hands stinging.

I get tingling up my legs to my waist all the time - and probably in my hands all the time too but don’t notice during the day when they are moving all the time.

Was given amiltriptylene to take at night to help me get to sleep at night - the tingling is so annoying.

If you have one, give your MS nurse a ring.

Jen x

Thanks Jen - it’s not bothering me that much yet, it comes and goes (seems to be there at the end of the day when I’m more tired), but I’ll get in touch with the nurse if it gets worse and I think she can do anything other than offer me steroids.

L x

Hi, Ah yes the nettle-sting sensation! Get it on my hands sometimes but more frequently on my legs and have had it on my bum

Definitely MS.

Pat x

I have a really wierd sensation of all places under my armpit on the left, It stings and itches like mad but when I go to scratch it its not a nice sensation at all,

I asked my neuro at clinic in March if its nerve damadge he did not give me an answer told me I had toi go for an MRI with contrast, which he found new lesions on. so I presume it is nerve damadge.

plus since upping my LDN to 3.50ml/mg 2 night ago it feels a lot better today.

Al x

Hi, yeah It’s a buzz !! tingling prickling and i get the feeling that I have a small round pebble stuck behind my toes ! it’s all very electrical which isn’t suprising as our nervous system is a chemical and electrical network and we are short circuiting.

At least my sensations come and go and are not painful, just hope yours go and stay away

keep smiling


i usally get itching down my arms cream always helps to cool my arms down hope this helps xx

I get these,sensations when i look down or bend my neck and,have it in my right hand driving me nuts

In the mid 1990s I had itchy prickly lower legs and blamed it on having had my legs waxed and never returned to the beautician again. In 2005 I suffered this issue again, I also had chronic fatigue, tinnitus and falls back in 2005 but my GP put it down to my depression. Last year I had similar issues but this was attributed to me having a mental health issue until they checked my Vit B12. I now have regular Vit B12 injections at my surgery.

However, I am now having chronic fatigue, tinnitus which i bad, wear a hearing aid (since summer 2013), and the feeling of being stung by nettles is terrible. I am being driven crazy by the feeling that my body (especially below the waist) is being brushed by nettles. This issue becomes particularly difficult to cope with when I go to bed and this is why I am awake at nearly 2am. Today the nettle stinging sensation is everywhere but especially my buttocks and thighs. I must count my blessings though, things could be far worse.

I am not confirmed as having MS but do have most of the symptoms. I saw another GP last week and he arranged a CT scan to rule out MS. Otherwise they will put it down to being psychosomatic. I have my scan on Tuesday. I don’t want to have MS but just want to know what I am dealing with here. It can’t be in my mind, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

TIP: when this issue happens during the day, I find taking a luke warm shower and leaving the water to go cold on my skin helps.