Evening all. :slight_smile:

My weakness is on my right side, ie walking and right hand holding/writing. However, for the last three weeks or so, I’ve been having a constant stinging or burning sensation above/on my left knee. I keep checking it to see if there is a redness or a rash. (There isn’t) There is nothing to see, nothing. It’s not painful or itchy but it feels like a nettle sting, or sunburn. Driving me nuts now. Is this anything to do with MS or has anyone any ideas? I will feel foolish mentioning it to my Neuro when I see her next week if it’s irrelevant.

mention it. let the neuro determine its relevance. you will feel more foolish if it is something and can be easily managed / resolved.

but it sounds similar to something i have, which is termed a ‘hot sock’.

my right foot, up to the knee (to varying degrees) front and / or back, can burn like it is freezing cold, or is on fire, or should be proper sun burnt. but skin temperature is the same; no discolouration; no rash.

just another perk of this thing called MS. ie. it is all in your mind! :frowning: but as said, mention it!

All the best. hopefully like my hot sock, your example will simply come and go.

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Hi, I would defo mention it to neuro. I had the same feeling a few weeks ago and it lasted about 6 weeks. Mine was in all of my fingertips in my right hand, like I’d put them into a batch of nettles. Gradually got better but it felt so terribly uncomfortable. Neuro seems to think it was down to ms.


I think you should mention this to your neurologist. You might feel more foolish if you do not say anything and then find out it was indicative of something interesting.

Good luck


Thanks for replying guys. Makes sense i suppose, to do with the nerves and feeling. I’ll mention it.