Weight Loss

Hi all,

I have over the last 9 months been trying to lose weight, I have successfully lost 3 stone, while I have felt the benefits is some ways, I can bend over easier and reach for things easier, the pain and pins & needles seems so much more intense. I also have a sacral nerve stimulator implant and this seems to be very uncomfortable when sitting. I am still well and truly over weight and have been doing this with the help of my doctor who feels things will be better if I am lighter. But feeling a bit disheartened at the moment, I wondered if any of you lovely people had any experience of this.



Hi well done for losing the weight i know how hard it is to lose it i have been trying not very successfully for months now and really need to go to docs about it , lack of exercise and motivation and the love of food all not helping. Cant help with your question but just to say don’t get disheartened and keep up the good work it will be a great help for your health in general .

Any diet tips you can give as i need a lot of help.

Take care Katy

well done twist on loosing 3 stone, i lost 1 and a half stone over a year, but i have put 4lb back on because i started eating silly again, cakes and biscuits and chocolate,so i am gearing myself up to get back on track,i do slimming world as its just a better

more healthier way to eat,i just need to leave the sweet stuff alone and try and exercise a bit too ,good luck.

J x