Weight loss

Hi I’m desperate to lose weight. Unfortunately I’m not physically active anymore - anyone any suggestions?

No magic bullet I’m afraid. It is harder and slower to loose weight when you can’t exercise but not impossible. I like weight watchers on line because I’m not a class goer.


Thank you Jane I’ll have a look at that I’m not one for classes either.


Hello, I really recommend slimming world. I’ve been doing it for 3 years and reached my target weight quite a long time ago. Now feel much healthier! It’s not a diet at all just healthy eating. You can do it online if your unable to attend a meeting. X

Most of us feel better for taking some exercise, but it doesn’t do a great deal for weight loss I am afraid and that comes down to how much, and what we eat. The Mediterranean diet (or Jelinek) is about as healthy as it gets and pretty easy to follow.

This site has some good exercises to follow and offers something for all abilities.

Thankyou Honey and whammel I’ll look into both these Thankyou. Like you say it’s about been and feeling healthier, but over the last year I’ve become less mobile and when I need assistance moving (usually after giving the carpet a cuddle!) my husbands finding it harder. I also have the dubious task of doing this whilst feeding 2 teenagers and having no willpower not to eat the things I shouldn’t especially in an afternoon when I’m bored

I agree that exercise certainly improves my mood and makes me feel better but has no effect on my weight. I used to be able to walk and cycle miles but can only manage short distances now due to drop foot and balance problems. I have bought a scooter which is a godsend.

I have been a vegetarian since the early 70s and a lot of the food I eat is vegan. I am 61 now and I try to make a conscious effort to control what I eat but it is not always easy. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and various grains such as quinoa, freekeh, couscous and bulgur wheat. You can use these in lots of tasty but healthy dishes. I tend to use butter to avoid the trans-fats and use cold pressed rapeseed oil which has a lower fat content than olive oil. Unfortunately, I do enjoy red wine but bladder urge incontinence, as much as health benefits, curtails the temptation. I enjoy the diet but you have to get used to a lot of preparation, but it is worth it. It provides opportunities to use turmeric, which is very beneficial, as you know. I have managed to maintain the same weight for the past five years on this type of diet.

I can see the sense in joining a weight watcher’s class as you can certainly motivate each other.

As other contributors have noted, there is no magic wand to wave.

Best of luck with the diet.

Like Honey I followed the principles of slimming world, but didn’t join a class. When I embarked upon it I really didn’t think it would be possible to lose weight because of my very limited mobility/exercise level, but it worked and I lost two and a half stone, I was aiming for three, but can’t seem to shift the last half stone. I feel better and I look better, and the slimming world regime allows for treats. If I’d had to give up everything I like for ever I don’t think I’d have stuck to it. It’s about changing your eating habits for life though, not just the duration of a weight loss programme.

If I can do it, anyone can.

Good luck xx

Hello. You and me both!!

I’ve been wheelie full time for going on 13 years and I have piled on weight. I did join SW a few years ago, but was unable to get on the scales. But the consultant felt so sorry for me and refunded my money! She filled up with tears as we tried to get me out of my chair!

As I had joined with my sister, I was encouraged to go to classes. Going by dress sizes I reckon I lost about 2.5 stones!

Of course we stopped going, as you do, and the weight returned!

Now I try to eat wealthily, when I can and exercise my top half!

Luv Poll x


I know exactly how you feel.

I have lost 3 and a half stone since May by completely cutting out carbs so no bread, potatoes or pasta plus other carbs. This was on the advice of my dr and it has worked for me which is all I can go on.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Shazzie xx

That does seem to be the no-nonsense way of doing it, Shazzie - simple and effective. I have heard others say the same (also on medical advice). I suspect that the dieticians would not approve of cutting out a major food group long-term, but for getting the excess weight off fast, it does seem to do the trick - for some people at least. I am glad that you have had such success.


I need to do something. I had lost more than 3 stone on SW but after steroids and months of inactivity it has all gone back on and more. so I’m a blob and my back hurts !

I have no idea where to start. Wish there was a magic wand.

Janet x

Thanks Alison.

I do take vitamin supplements to make up for the loss in carbs but to be honest once the first week was over and I saw the weight starting to come off I was keen to keep going. Mind you, I did have a lot to lose. I was almost 17 stone in May and am now 13 and a half and have come down two dress sizes.

I wish there was a magic wand too Janet. I am pretty inactive now too. Why don’t you try the low carb way of eating too?

Shazzie xx

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I know some people take Tecfidera without putting weight on - I’m not one of them. I’d lost a bit of weight pre 'Tec (no idea how much, scales wobble too much - unless it’s me that wobbles too much for the scales!) but since Tecfidera, I find if I eat less, or less bread/cheese/all the stuff that make you fat, I feel utterly nauseous. Still, 6 months in, eating more pasta/bread/potatoes/carbs means I don’t feel sick. So I’m back to being a lard ar*e. And there’s a bit of me that doesn’t care. I know that only in my dreams am I going to be a size 12 with a workable ‘core’ and a decent body. So I’m kind of stuck with being a size 16 who can’t walk and has no ‘core’ muscles to speak of. At least I get to eat nice food and drink wine!! And so long as I don’t go completely wild and eat chocolate brownie fudge cake every day, then I’ll probably stay about the size I am.


Wow Shazam that’s brilliant but I’m afraid if I cut all my carbs out I’d have nothing left on my plate!!

Maybe I will give this ago and also look at SW but I know I’ll struggle as I love my rice and pasta and if I’m not having a sandwich for lunch then it’s either rice or jacket potatoes. Is there a low carb diet that I could look at

Rice, pasta and jacket potatoes are unlimited on SW you just need to watch what you have/mix with them.

Jan x

There are lots of low carb diet tips on line.

I can have meat, fish, cheese, veggies and other proteins and if I struggle giving up potatoes then new potatoes are better.

For example for dinner I would have tuna, mixed veg and for tea chicken, cauliflower and mixed veg. To be honest I think I am eating more than I did before. Also, muesli for breakfast.