weight loss


Since being diagnosed I’ve gained so much weight it really gets me down.

Can anyone suggest what diet/exercise is best to try and help. I really need to get my weight down as I hope this will help my symptoms.



In terms of exercise, that’s going to depend on what your mobility & strength are like, but my (very limited) understanding is that low level activity is better for burning fat than high intensity exercise, which is better for burning sugar. So for example, walking at a brisk pace would be better than a fast run. But I’m sure a quick google search will give lots of things to do too.

For exercise, there’s more & more evidence coming out that cutting down on carbohydrates is better than cutting out fat. I know there’s a lot of diabetics who follow a low carb/high fat diet, and have seen the pounds fall off (low carb means at most 150g a day, which is half the usual recommended amount). A friend of mine does it, and he’s quite extreme, with only 50g of carbs a day. But he says he feels so much better, with a constant level if energy all day and no highs & lows of energy like he used to get.

Hope that helps


I haven’t been doing it lately as there’s been so much going on at home, but I did do Pilates and found it really good. I list nearly half a stone through stretching! It’s good for keeping you moving too. I did let the instructor know about my ms and was put in the appropriate class. Best of luck :slight_smile:

Thank you all thats really helpful. Glad its not just me!!! Xxx

I’ve tried many diets that worked last one was a meal replacement and eating healthy I lost a stone now I’m just doing clean eating my problem is mobility is so bad I can’t exercise like I used to. Lost 4lb one week then put 2lb back on this week I lost 2lb I just fill plate with more veg and drink 2L water which considering my bladder problems it does help me empty it most of the time.

I gained 2 1/2 stone following dx in oct 2012 but really didn’t feel strong enough until January to do anything about it. Since then I’ve been using the myfitnesspal app on my phone which monitors everything you eat and all your exercise send tells you how many calories you can have per day according to how active you are and how quickly you want to lose weight You can also link up with friends who are using it too and encourage each other. Even better it’s free. I’ve now lost just over 2 stone and nearly back to where I was post dx. I must admit these last few pounds are proving a struggle but the lure of chocokate and red wine are becoming harder and harder to resist. Ann Marie xx

I too have gained 2 stone in the last 8 months. Awful really as a few month prior to that I finally got to a healthy weight by losing 101lbs doing Weight Watchers. I have lots of excuses, 2 relapses, lost my Mum, my dx, my meds! But really for me it comes down to eating too much of the wrong stuff. I can’t exercise like I used to (used to run 5k five times a week) but am confident I will lose without it, albeit slower.

I lost 50lbs with Weight Watchers. I was so, so happy.

Then ON hit in October and subsequent MRIs and stressfull waiting have found me 2 stone heavier.

Re-joined last week and just going to my meeting and getting weighed, then following the plan for the last 5 days has already made me feel better about myself.

I’ve heard lots of good things about My Fitness Pal. Will have to check it out!


I lost two and a half stone using Slimming World principles but didn’t join or go to classes (too expensive). It took about twelve months and still allowed for treats. I do go to a gym three times a week, mostly for stretching and mobility. I’m not able to do any kind of calorie burning activity, such as exercise bike, treadmill or rowing machine, so it can be done by diet alone, and I was never hungry.

Myfitnesspal really is very helpful. It has helped me lose the weight I gained post dx but I also used it about five years ago before ms reared it’s ugly head and lost nearly five stone. I would highly recommend it and it’s free. Ann Marie