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Hi I’m new to here. I was diagnosed 2 years ago but I have a problem with weight gain. It doesn’t matter how little I eat, how healthy I eat I just can’t lose weight. Exercise is an issue due to lack of mobility. Does anyone have any success stories they could share with me on weight loss & how they went about it please. Thank you so much. I just want to be able to look in the mirror & be even just a little less disgusted with what I see

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Hi Emz, have you tried doing exercises on your bed? Take a look on YouTube there are many good exercises you can do on your bed using your own body weight and small weights doing lots of rep’s, it’s a great way to burn fat. Feel free to message me anytime :blush:

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Take a look at the Barts Blog view on diets and see if it gives you any ideas.

#DietSpeak: is there an ideal MS diet? – The MS-Blog (multiple-sclerosis-research.org)

Don’t beat yourself up about a few extra pounds, because it’s hardly your fault.


Hi, I was diagnosed 3 years ago, for weight loss, I would say eat fruit, vedge, fish, and meat in moderation, and if not losing weight just try to do a little more, I’ve got stretch bands, and sit and lay down and do leg lifts , and walk up and down my room, I’m going to go out more a few times a week, I weigh myself every day just so I keep an eye on things I’m very overweight and it’s not helping my progressive ms, I live with someone who doesn’t understand, maybe we could support each other, it’s very hard to lose weight especially when my diet is restricted I am going back to a low carb keto diet, I’ve lost half a stone by doing this, although I have gone off track due to covid and a relationship breakdown, keep trying you will get there, , I also drink lemon water very detoxing, just started eating watermelon slices supposed to burn fat off hope these tips help you, my body is so numb and weak but I will keep doing walking and sit down exercises and sometimes I listen to some good music and move about as much as my body let’s me, hope this helps remember your not alone, I have no family so I get very down but try and do my hobbies to keep myself on a level, just do what you feel you can do, sorry this is so long.

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This advice from prof G is what I try to follow.

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I started putting on weight about 4 years ago. Before then my weight had stayed steady for decades. No change in diet, no change in exercise levels, and my thyroid levels were normal, but it felt like hypothyroidism - weight gain, lack of energy. I cut down food amounts but that just reduced my energy levels further and not my weight. Low carb diet didn’t work either.

Then last year I started taking Coenzyme Q10, not for trying to lose weight, but for increasing energy levels and trying to get my neurological symptoms under better control. Completely unexpected but the fat melted off me. I first noticed it going from my legs and arms, then from my middle. Each day I could see a difference, muscles looked more defined. In 6 weeks I had lost 1.5 stones and was almost back to my long-time healthy weight, and I hadn’t altered my diet, and my exercise levels han’t changed either. My weight has stabilised at the old (good) level.

Coenzyme Q10 is important for burning fats, especially the unhealthy white fat. As you get older you need more of Co Q10. I think mine must have dropped to very low levels. My diet is always very healthy though.

MS people generally have lower CoQ10 levels than normal controls and there are quite a few recent positive trials of it on MS patients.


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It seems not all calories are created equal.

Giles Yeo: ‘Let’s consider the type of food we eat, not fixate on calories’ | Genetics | The Guardian

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I found the Q10 tip very helpful I Will try that am as I am trying to lose weight and my energy is very low .thanks.

you could be suffering with dysmorphia. https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/body-dysmorphic-disorder-bdd/about-bdd/

have you checked your BMI etc first?

I did and i was slightly overwieght. Now i am underweight lol. I found the trick was to eat only the calories you need. this was under avisement.

I eat smaller portions and i cut out a lot of high carb foods and now i have managed to maintain my good weight. I never look in the mirror as everytime i do i see my grandmother. xxx

be honest with yourself, are you really overweight or is it your perception of yourself.xxx

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Good thread :smiley: I’m in a similar position: too fat and dieting brings on fatigue / sleep.

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Hello, Emz82! Exist many programs that help people like you to lose the necessary weight. Just don’t give up and do the kind of exercises you can. Also, you can look at sites like Reverse Health for specialized programs, or at least take your time and consult with the professionals about your problem. You are already doing a great job with starting the topic right here and searching for a possible solvent way. I wish you good luck in your fight with weight!

I developed diabetes type 2, weight started falling off…I really don’t advise that though :p.

I have just tried to walk when I can, and gentle swim on the rare days I can. My weight has stabilised, and even though I am still unhappy with it, it’s not rising anymore.

Thank you live4life09. Can you help with some exercises, baring in mind with my spinal conditions I’m a complex case lol.

Marcy13 thats amazing that you lost that amount of weight. You should be so proud of yourself. I’m so sorry that I’ve taken so long to reply. ill be very honest, I’m new on this & when i posted i really didn’t anyone would comment.

I have a 5 year old & my husband works away mon-fri. I’m having a relapse just now & feel so unwell. I’m going through it alone as he can’t take any more time off work (I’ve had a few relapses & hospital stays he’s been off for) & I’m so scared. I feel so alone with this illness. No-one understands. They try but can’t.

I haven’t lost any weight despite being in a calorie deficit (believe that if you will but its true,)it just doesn’t come off. How have you been getting on? I can’t do complicated diets as i can’t process info the same way as i used to thanks to MS. If you ever feel alone I’m always here. (Won’t take me as long to reply as I’m checking daily). Take care hunny xxx

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Thank you so much. I’m so sorry its taken me so long to reply. I will have a look into this Q10 as i have never heard of it before but it sounds promising.

Again I’m sorry for late reply but I’m new & didn’t know how this worked & to be honest didn’t think anyone would reply. So thank you to everyone who has taken the time to help me. I was feeling really alone with this disease & you have all made me feel less alone. Thank you so much xxx

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I totally forgot I sent you a message, I was doing well, weight stopped a bit now, doing more exercise as it helps my ms a bit, hope your ok I only have one friend as she doesn’t have ms she’s understanding but doesn’t really know how awful this disease is, I have primary progressive but can’t get any drugs because I have inactivity in my brain, in a lot of pain, so I’m going to let my ms nurse know, I try to eat healthy but since covid unfortunately I have eaten a lot of takeaways, I’m going to try a ms diet early next year to see if it helps, I don’t have family I see so it’s very hard, let me know if you ever want to chat, thanks Marcia.

Hi Marcy, it must be hard not having family around to help you. I’m lucky that my parents dont live to far from me so when i have a relapse they can take the wee one to school for me but then I’ve got to try & care for her when she’s home from school which is hard when you feel so unwell. I too am in a lot of pain with degenerative spinal conditions on top of the MS plus what the MS has done to my spine. I don’t have any friends as i cut my best friend of 20 years out my life as she really didn’t understand MS & was so negative. I realised i didn’t need that in my life so i cut ties. My family try to understand but they just don’t & at times frustrate me with lack of understanding. I’ve never heard of an MS diet, what does it involve? If you ever need to chat then I’m always available. Take care, Emma xxx

Hi Emma
I sympathise about your loss of a best friend. My best friend for decades didn’t “get” my MS. To him my MS was an inconvenience because we weren’t going to do that cycling trip we had talked about. All about him in other words.

We don’t need people like our ex-friends in our lives, do we? We’ve got enough other stuff going on! And it can be surprising who else steps up. Have met some lovely people and it starts at home - my wife is amazing, the way she’s adapted. It hurts her too but she hasn’t flinched for a moment - or if she has, she’s not let me see it.

Stay on top, be resourceful and keep smiling! :smiley:

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Hi Graeme

No we certainly don’t need them in our lives. I get great support from my husband who has learnt to adapt quickly. He doesn’t show any wobbles in front of me but i know when he’s working away mon-fri that he worries sick about me, bless him. He’s always trying to organise things so that I’m not doing too much, he takes on so much & doesn’t moan.

Our wee girl is 5 & she tries to look after me. It breaks my heart when she tries to make me something to eat but I’m also so proud of how kind & caring she is. Although its heartbreaking when at bedtime she cuddles in & asks me if I’m going to die. At 5 she shouldn’t be worrying about that.

Our 20 year old will help out but doesn’t understand what I’m going through but i think thats cause she sticks her head in the sand cause she’s scared seeing me on bad days. However if she was out & i needed her shed drop everything to come home.

I’m glad that you have great support in the form of your wife. When we have that it just makes things a little easier & less lonely.

Take care
Emma x

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