New to ms want to get fit

Hi Im completely new.
Im undergoing tests to confirm ms diagnosis not sure if its myelitis or ms at the moment awaiting mri brain scan results and possibly an lumbar puncher.

Im desperate to loose weight however im stuggling to find the energy to start and even on days i feel i can i get a pain in my lower back after a few minutes of walking and my left side feels incredibly weak to the point i can not lift my left foot off the floor and can last a few days then.

Feeling very overwhelmed and lost trying to not let it upset me.

Does anyone else experience this and have any tips suggestions on how you managed to exercise?

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Exercise is wonderful if you can do it and benefits a person in many ways, but weight loss is not usually of them. Food intake tends to have a much stronger relationship with weight, and good food and good metabolic health are also associated with good management of MS. Whether you have MS of not (the latter, I hope) I don’t think you can go wrong with this advice from a well-known UK neurologist. It’s what I aim to do.


Thank you for that i will definitely have a good look at this. Its greatly appreciated.

I feel like im spiraling at the moment. Im one of these people who eat the wrong foods at the wrong times and even more so when im stressed or overwhelmed and then beat myself up over it.

I use to go to the gym walk or swim instead of eating my feelings but these last 6 months ive been stuggling to even walk for 5 minuets before my leg gives way and i get excruciating pain in my lower back and legs.

Im still learning to listen to my body and know when enough is enough.

Being in the house all the time feels suffocating at the moment.

I will definitely have a look at the foods and diet as i know this is a huge part too

Thank you :blush:


I can’t walk any distance but strangely I can do better on a treadmill as I’m hanging on for dear life with both hands and can adjust the speed to dead slow. And there’s a TV screen to distract me and help pass the time! I can also do quite a long time on an exercise bike. Not the usual ones where you need good balance but the one with a comfy seat you can lean back on. Maybe they could help?

Losing weight for me is not about exercise though, that helps mentally. It’s about food intake pure and simple. When I eat less, the weight goes down.

Good luck… find a form of exercise that suits you and take it slowly. If that isn’t walking round the local park, doesn’t matter. There’s lots of others things you can try and a little success goes a really long way.


This might be interesting.

Guide to weight management with MS | MS-UK

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I have ms and transverse myelitis. I try and walk 2x a day its a struggle with my cain. but its something. i dont have a problem with my weight. but i do it to try and keep my mobilty as long as i can .change of diet ie fish oily leafy vegetables greens nuts …vit D3 …and exercise even a little. at one point i couldn’t walk at all . Its hard work and the summer heat dont help tbh . I do my walking early morning or in in the evening… good luck .with you get fit … protocols…