Losing weight

Hope everyone is good. It’s a bit cooler today, so hope it is a better day for us! I have put on 2 stone, which I now ant to lose. Does anyone know of diet, exercising for a wheelie. I can’t move my legs either :frowning: Thank you.

I don’t know about the exercise, but I am also gaining weight and am planning on doing something about it. I am not as active now as I was (although relapse is more or less over now so getting better). I am going to start at Slimming World after I get back from a holiday next week, which should focus me on the foods to eat. Broadly, you can eat any amount of veg, fruit, salad, lean meats, fish. Bread is limited a lot, as is dairy (although you have to have some). Obviously anything sugary is out, as are crisps, etc. You are allowed a certain amount of treats a day, but it is a very little. If you don’t want to go to class, do you have a way of regularly weighing yourself and recording it? I don’t know specifics as I’ve not joined yet, this is based on my Mum going. You can join online if you want to.

Exercise-wise, I would ring your MS nurse if you have one and see what they recommend, I can’t believe there aren’t things around for exercise in a chair. Good luck.

Im sure if i remember rightly there are exercises on you tube which can be done seated so might work for you.they were done for/by the ms ociety and are presented by Sally Gunnell Janey xxx

The MS Trust is a good place to start and has a range of chair based exercise.

Most of us lead more sedentary lives and need fewer calories. Smaller portions and only eating healthy food should do the trick.

Hi, I`ve had weight issues all my adult life.

I find I can lose weight nice and steadily at about 2lbs a week ( a safe, healthy amount).

Depending on my will power duration, I do lose weight even though I am a full time wheelie and like you, cant move my legs at all. I am hoisted as well, so little excercise. I had an spc put in 3 weeks ago, so I sit longer too.

I have tried many diets but I think the Slimming World one is great. Lots of free food to enjoy.

Last year I went to join a class, but couldnt get weighed, so I was allowed to attend the classes, without getting weighed. I lost around 2st. I could only guess the amount, but going by clothes, I did lose well.

This year I``ve had one problem after another and the diet has gone out the window!

But I am doing well again now, as it is not fair to bury my new spc under even more flab!

There are local t`ai chi classes for wheelie folk, but they are too early in the day for me.

Hope you find something that helps.

luv Pollx

I put on a couple of stone since I started having MS symptoms. 3 rounds of IV steroids combined with a bout of depression after diagnosis saw to it that the weight went on very easily but I am struggling to lose it.

I was wary of what kind of exercise I can do so my GP arranged a physio appointment and she showed me some daily exercises I can do which will also help my balance and build up my strength.

Now I just need to get my diet sorted. Usually by the time I get home from work I’m so tired I can’t be bothered cooking. So I just have to get myself organised and look up some healthy easy recipies.

l like the idea of Tai Chi classes - and l now the MS society do a free dvd of exercises for all abilities. Have you considered the Fast Diet. You eat normally for 5 days a week - and limit yourself to 600 calories for 2 days [they do not have to be consecutive] lt works for me - and l have lost 20lb. After watching a programme about it on BBC 2 - l decided to get the book - it contains recipes and menus to keep you focused. The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley from Amazon. Last Sundays Mail had a free ‘fast diet’ supplement.

The diet works - and it is really meant as a healthier way to live [longer] and cast off the unwanted pounds.

This weather is good for dieting - as long as you can keep off the magnums etc.