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I have had MS for eight or nine years now. I cannot walk or even weight bear. I am afraid of becoming obese. Does anyone know how I can avoid this please? Are there exercise, diets, anything really. I have never been this big before in my life. Can anyone help please?

I understand your concern. Can you try swimming? It is the only exercise I can do that gets my heart rate going. Our local pool does a disabled session which allows more time. I also do online Pilates - I am not sure that does much to help with weight but it certainly helps with movement.

Exercise is great for general health, but doesn’t do a huge amount to help with weight loss and it’s what, and how much you eat that counts.
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I have MS many years now and hardly any mobility at all.I put a lot of weight on a few yr ago but i have lost 4 stone from 13 stone down to 9stone with slimming world.I only lost o average 1 to 2 lb a week so it did take me a while but SW is great.I did it online too as i coulndt get to any classes.

With MS I have gained weight & has been said exercise is brilliant for alot of things but always remember food doesn’t make us fat - calories do & it is so tough as I am a chocoholic but crackerbread & banana’s plus fruit will help a bit to lose weight & I would still need to shed a few stone - hope I didn’t sound like a know it all but unfortunately its how it is - swimming pool is a great idea as well

Hi. I can still weight bear to transfer, but it’s getting more and more difficult to get up. Slimming World is a good weight control regime. I’m sure you don’t need anyone to tell you what calorie laden, fatty, sugary things to avoid, but don’t cut them out completely, we all deserve occasional treats don’t we? As for exercise, there are seated exercise programmes which might help keep you a little bit more supple and strong. I’ve bought a couple of hand weights and a theraband to use in my chair. I’ve also got a set of pedals. I can’t use my feet to pedal, so I put them on a chair or table and use my hands which is the closest I can get to a cardio workout.