weak wrist

Anyone having problems with weakness in their wrists?

Over the years Ive had weak fingers which hurt if I put pressure on them, also drop things all the time. Now my left wrist which helps my right one has begun protesting when I try do anything, even shutting a door. Im wondering if Ive lifted something too heavy - like a pan in the kitchen (empty) and sprained it, or does ms bring weakness in any area out of the blue?

Help, my left hand helps my right hand and now Im cack handed!




I had a few consecutive relapses that affected my left arm and resulting in weak wrist power too. It does get in the way sometimes, but I was treated with I.V steroids and they improved (as a lot of other symptoms where happening at the same time). But never fully recovered, I had - at the time - to get others to carry my cereal etc. to the table for me, but it is a lot better now.

I tried these things: hand grips, stress ball and a power ball ( which the weakness prevented this one from being done properly) which are equipment and things that hopefully help me to regain as much strength as I can. The physios told me to ask the occupational therapists as they are specialist as hand problems somehow!

Wish you the best, my response may not be great but I thought I should message as I went through something that sounds similar!

See ya!


Hi Bren,

Just looking on the cheerful side of life, could it be carpal tunnel as that makes your wrists weak, and makes you drop things as well. May be worth a trip to doc’s to find out.

Luv Janet