Weak arm

I have noticed, over the last, say 2 months, my left arm getting very gradually weaker. I’ve been aware for a while that whenever I pick something up in my left hand it didn’t feel right. But lately, my arm hurts if I pick anything up, even a glass of water! I have to quickly put it in my right hand. My grip isn’t very good at all! And if I go to scratch my nose or something, it feels like its wading through thick mud to reach my face!! Sometimes when my hand reaches my face, my arm will sort of jerk back a few inches and I’ll miss my face!

Anyone esle had that?


Hi JulesL

I noticed your title and I thought I would take a look. I have had this problem but only when I have had a relapse… It has gradually gotten better over time and with an intravenous course of steroids but the arm is still very weak (and now they now tell me will permanently be as it has been like it for some time now). I have continuous pins and needles in the arm too.

Regards, Fae

Hi, i have never had it outside of a relapse. If it is getting gradually worse, could you ask your GP or MS nurse (if you have one) for a referral to the neuro-physio? They may be able to give you some tips for strengthing the muscles. Also the MS trust has some good excerises on their website. Hope it gets better for you, good luck!

Laura x