Fed up with Arm weakness!

Hi all Im going back docs this afternoon as this is my 6th wedo off work and I still have muscle weakness It’s mainly my arms my right is worse than my left, the muscles feel bruised and I struggle to lift , when im holding cup tea I have to use both hands as my hands arms slightly tremor. Everything I try to lift feels extremely heavy and im having to support my arms on cushions when im sitting, I try to get on with things as im bored but every time I exert myself im knocked back off my feet again. I’ve had enough now, every time I do anything like Hoovering house I feel I need to have a Kip afterwards, im not letting myself though as I don’t want to be awake all night. Also for last few weeks my right arm has a cold sensation down it abit like wet cold clothes, but it’s not cold to touch. can anyone relate to this? Im still waiting for MRI results and am still convincing myself this is years of over work an lack of sleep but am worried too. Sorry to bore you all!.

Are you diagnosed?

I am and had arm weakness and tremor. Mild enough but still causing me issues. My neuro sent me for 2 rounds of IV steroids which helped a lot.

Hi, no not diagnosed waiting for first MRI results, my doc thinks I have ms but won’t kno till results back. Thanks Is this how your arms felt /feel? Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

Not boring me…don’t apologise !! All I did this morning, was take some washing out and put it on the airer…I then slept for 2 hours !! Xx

Hot and cold sensations are pretty common so a lot of people on here will have experienced them. If they are troubling you, try heat pads or cold / ice packs - real signals can sometimes help to confuse the fake signals and make them less of a problem.

Not a lot to suggest about weakness, but do try to rest and not do things that make you feel worse - fatigue is a killer :frowning:

Karen x

Hi Tracie, I can relate with you,I have had rightsided muscle weakness, still have problems now but not so bad. Also had 6weeks of work, and it is very frustrating not being able to do the things you want to do. Hopefully it will start to get abit better,or maybe like me,eventually you sort of get used to it. The thing that really gets me is the fatigue,I’m so exhausted.

Not much help,sorry

Nat x

Hi all and thanks I went back docs and I told her about my muscle weakness not going away and all she said was "it can be like that " she also told me to write down any new syptoms to give Neuro on next appointment. I told her I was still waiting for follow up appointment from MRI and she said that I wudnt have one untill MRI results are back. So she is going to ring MRI department tomoz and hopefully get my results from radiologist. I asked her if she still thought I had ms or not and she said if I hadn’t then the only other thing she thinks it cud be is a virus called Gilluian barres ( sorry if not spelt right) She said it can mimic ms and last for months and varies from person to person. So hopefully very soon have some answers :slight_smile: thanks

The sensation in my arm was like I had been wearing wrist weights. They were very heavy and ached. It was hard to wash my hair because they felt so heavy. I work in an office and lifting the phone was like lifting a rock.

If I did lift something heavyish I inevitably sprained my wrist slightly.

I had trouble doing finicky things, like putting a key in a lock or putting on mascara. I would get occasional tremors in my hand and my pinky finger was numb and tingly.

I still have the tingle in my pinky and I still poke myself in the eye and get the shakes when I try to put the key in the lock or put on mascara, but other than that, I’m back to normal after the steroids.

I have issues with my right leg also but different. It’s numb but not heavy as such. I have reduced sensation when I touch the skin and a bit of a dragging feeling in my hip (like the dragging feeling you get when you have your period - the girls here will know what I mean).

But I can walk well. I just can’t wear high heels anymore :frowning:

Also, I noticed myself compensating for the lack of strength in my arm. In work I moved my phone and began picking it up with my left hand. If I was opening a heavy door I used my shoulder to push it open instead of my hand. Or my left hand to pull a door open. Small little things I didn’t even notice I was doing at first.

Hi all :slight_smile: Thanks meme and yes I have been the same at work too! But received letter today! Im going to start a new post as letter is long! Thanks