Arm weakness

Hi, I have RRMS and for the past few weeks I have been unable to lift my right arm without pain. I’m also suffering weakness and feeling loss. Anyone else had this?

Hi Sammy, happy new year, how r things going. Difficult to know sometimes what’s caused by ms and what’s not. Weakness and numbness sound classic ms issues, the pain on raising ur arm not do sure. Depends how it hurts. I’ve had frozen shoulder for past 18 mths, at its worst would cause shooting pain down my arm and spent months just clutching my arm like it was in a sling trying not to move it cos of the pain. I thought it was ms related but GP and neuro said not, still think there’s maybe some kind of link and shoulder pain was maybe trigger for big relapse. Anyway, eventually started doing lots of physio to ry and recover from relapse and found I had more success working on getting my shoulder moving than other bits of me like hips where my nerves clearly failing to communicate much to my legs despite exercises every day. So finally came round to what neuro was saying abouty shoulder being mechanical problem rather than ms. Anyway my point is to keep open mind about it symptoms and talk to go and ms nurse about potential causes, it’s not always what u think, and hope u don’t have frozen shoulder and bloody painful. Hope some help. Froo x