Weakness in my arm

Hi, I have been diagnosed since 2005 with RRMS and I’ve been very lucky that my MS has been mainly sensory. Recently though, I have been getting weird sensation in my right arm. It aches from my shoulder, through my elbow and into my hand, especially my thumb. One other symptom that goes with this is that I have raised blood vessels in my hand. Is this a MS thing or perhaps not related to MS and maybe it’s muscular or joint problems. I only saw my neuro on Tuesday and forgot to mention it to him. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Sharon


My understanding is first your feet, then your legs and bladder, and then your hands and arms and brain.

And so the progression continues…well it has for me, in this order.

Over the last three years, I have had increasing hand and arm weakness and pain.

My fingers are very stiff, with a fluffy, numb sensation. All very odd. My right hand has begun to curl under, rather claw-like.

So, my physio has given me a neuro-hand brace, which keeps my thumb and fingers in a more normal position.

But, I can see my ability to grip and hold things is slowly going.

It does help to wear the brace though, but I have to wear it 6-8 hours a day.

Are you in touch with your local Community Rehab Team? Ask your MS Nurse or GP.

They will give you access to the home treatment physio and OT etc.,. very helpful as you decline.

Your GP might give your neuro-pain meds too, like amitriptyline. I would ask for help.

Are you right handed? do you use a computer? smartphone or kindle or any other devices? Do you use a stick and is it in your right hand?

All of the above can affect your arm. i had pains in the wrists and had to switch to a kindle because i could no longer hold a real book open. I had shoulder pain and physio said it was from walking with a stick…your putting more weight o n that side to compensate. I had similar pain in my right arm…I’m a leftie, so it was not writing/ driving the wheelchair - all of that was using the LEFT side. Turns out to be RSI and had to have the op for that.

Go to the GP and see if he will refer you - probsbly to xray first and then more tests to find the reason.

Hi Reddivine, That’s what I was thinking, but wanted to get an idea if it could be related to my MS, although I do probably think it’s more of an overuse thing. I am right handed and it is my right arm that is affected. I think my raised blood vessels are due to blood going to the area to help it to recover perhaps! I am taking ibuprofen at the moment which is helping a bit so it probably is a muscle/tendon issue rather than MS. I’ve had RRMS for 14 years now, although my first symptom was 19 years ago, and I’m still in a good position MS wise, with no big relapses recently. I get a few sensory issues - vertigo, numbness and pins and needles mostly with the odd stabbing head pain every now and then(residual from a huge relapse I had 13 years ago). It is always a worry what the next relapse will do to you when it comes of course or whether indeed it’ll slip into the next stage of gradually getting worse. Thank you for your reply, Sharon