Arm pain & pins & needles

Hi all

i have a problem each morning in bed with mostly my left arm, I have an aching in the upper arm muscle that radiates down to my elbow & on into my hand, my hand feels like pins & needles & is very painful, it comes & goes for a couple of hours after I get up & is there again next morning, is this ms related or something else?

99% of the time I get a “muffled” sort of feeling in my finger tips and palm of my left hand, almost like its got a glove on !

Lately this has radiated up my forearm to my elbow.

I don’t get pain or pins and needles just this rubbery altered sensation sort of feeling.

Coincidently, it seems to have increased at the same time where my legs have gotten worse ?

Like you in it’s my left arm/hand, but most of my MS problems are on my left side.

Nerve pain can be very painful, like a burning/buzzing feeling.

Do you have MS ?

It may not be MS it could be a trapped nerve in the neck/shoulder area.

My father had a hip replacement 4 years ago and still has this burning/buzzing in his toes from nerve damage caused by the operation.

My MS clinic once told me don’t always blame things on MS, theres lots of other things that could cause symptoms similar to MS.

I would get your GP to send you for a scan.

You do mention it’s worse when you wake up in the mornings, this could very easily be a nerve that is getting trapped or pinched whilst you sleep ?

Sorry I should have said that I was diagnosed in 2015 with RRMS. Mine seems to radiate down, sometimes from shoulder & other times from the elbow. It’s a burning/buzzing feeling. I do swim weekly so I may have injured my shoulder, I think a trip to a Physio is needed just to check that I haven’t damaged something. Thanks so much for your reply.

You have described ONE of the symptoms that I initially tried to discuss with my dr. I was told I had given him too many problems but WE would concentrate on that one. Doing that lead to having a rib out in order to relieve the thoracic nerve syndrome that I didn’t have. Had my dr listened to me, I know, in hind sight, he should have spotted that ALL the things I’d mentioned shouted MS, I could have avoided an unnecessary and damaging operation, a hint of sour grapes there!.

When I wake up, I have to get up and move about because I am in quite a bit of discomfort. I long to have a lie in, but moving does elevate the pain.

My problems aren’t necessarily going to be the same as yours, but they do sound similar to mine, be courteous if something like TNS is suggested.

Keep on swimming, must be beneficial.


Hello. Sorry for your pain.

My pain is so similar. Amongst other symptoms, I have pins and needles permanently in my hands up to my elbows. Although my symptoms ebb and flow in strength, they are permanent. I have though just written a new thread on this forum about my new arm pain. In the morning my arms are stiff/hurt, so much so, that yesterday I couldn’t move them. My grip had also gone. This lasted about two hours and then the pain eased with Ibrobrufen. I too wondered whether it was common, part of MS or a relapse. I am due to see neurologist soon and will ask about it? Maybe you might seek advice from your MS nurse, but I don’t have one of those!? Good luck and warmest wishes.

Oh p.s. You said mostly in your left arm, are you left handed?