Are my symptoms MS? What were yours?


I’m new to this forum and came across it looking at my symptoms and what’s happened to me the past 5 weeks. I sincerely hope I’m just being super paranoid and that someone can help or offer advice on these symptoms.

About 5 weeks ago, I woke up with a pain in my left shoulder. I just thought I’d slept funny and it would be ok as the day went on. It didn’t. In fact after 2 weeks of pain and no sleep…every time I turned it woke me up. I went to the docs. They said it was nothing, told me to take anti-inflammatory (which I was already taking) and painkillers. This carried on, however the pain turned into pins and needles. Not just normal pins and needles but I’d get a rush of them all down my arm and up my face if I even slightly moved my left arm. I couldn’t get an appointment at the docs, so called and told them I thought I had a trapped nerve. He referred me to a physiotherapist. I called and couldn’t get an appt for months. They said to call back every day for a cancellation. I was super lucky and managed to get one.

I went to physio, he did an exam and said that it most definitely wasn’t a trapped nerve or muscular. He did my reflexes and there was none on my left side at all! He also did this foot thing and I could feel it, but not as sensitive as the right side. He also did one where I had to move my head back and I had a huge surge of pins and needles all up my left hand side. He went and spoke to his supervisor and said I have ‘nerve inflammation’ and to take Naproxen for 2 weeks and see how it went. I’ve been taking for 1 week - don’t forget I’d been taking anti-inflammatory for 2 weeks before. On Tuesday I was sat down and stood up to do something and the almightiest pain shot through my left bum cheek. It was a mix of cramp and pulled muscle kind of pain. This carried on all day yesterday and then moved down to my left calf. It would come and go as spasms of pain. Again, a bit like cramp. Horrible and absolutely no idea if its related?

I called my doctors and spoke to a doctor of the findings by physio and she suggested I come in immediately. I went in and saw another doctor who said it was probably a trapped nerve. I told her (again) that it wasn’t and what the physiotherapist had said. She said she had no idea as to what else it could be?! I left there none the wiser!

My arm is starting to feel a bit like a dead arm some mornings or day times and today my pins and needles seems to have travelled to my groin area, but only when I stand up! It’s all bloody mad and annoying and of course a wee bit scary!! I’ve just ordered super high strength vitamin B just in case it’s that too.

Any of you have similar symptoms? I’m going insane here and no idea where to turn to next?

Hello Anj

Well that’s a rapid and numerous number of symptoms.

Do bear in mind that MS has many many symptoms which are also shared with other diagnoses. So while your recent experiences may resonate with some people diagnosed with MS, it still is more likely that it’s not, than is MS causing your pain.

I’ve not had clusters of symptoms like you in my 22 years with MS, but basically that means nothing as we are all very individual and experience MS differently.

What I would suggest is seeing your GP again, this time armed with a timeline of what has happened and when. Note what symptoms have stuck around and anything that’s got better. You could ask, if it’s not suggested, for a referral to a neurologist.

Best of luck.


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Thank you. I will do that and thank’s for your reply.