Do i have multiple sclerosis?

hi i have have a sharp like stinging pain under my right shoulder blade now for approximately 5 weeks. I am going to see my doctor today with a concern that i may have ms. The reason i am thinking this is over the past few weeks i have been looking into ms and a lot of the symptoms point to the same things i have experienced over quite a few years now. I am a 30 year old male and although i have this pain in my back at the moment i have had this same type of sensitive, itchy type feelin in various parts of my body (my skin feels really sensitive to touch). I have had blood tests done before, i have had an mri scan done and even seen a neurologists but everything always comes back negative. I get some really strange pains inside my body that i cannot describe most of the time but feel as though it is nothing and just leave it to go away. i have been to the doctors before over some pains but when i finally get to see my doctor there is nothing there. I get numb finger tips and pins and needles all over my body so bad some times that i cant even move the part of my body it is affecting. I have read comments from people who have been diagnosed with ms and a lot of there symptoms are what i have. please could i have some advice on this and what i should do. Thanks

Hi there!

There are so many things that can cause your set of symptoms so even if they seem to tick all the MS boxes statistically it’s unlikely with a clear MRI to be MS.

However - everyone is different and have different tales to tell so the only thing you can do is go back to your GP and ask to be referred back to the neurologist.

Explain you now have new symptoms and are concerned - It will help to make a short, concise list of symptoms - when they happened - how long they lasted and whether they are now resolved. Hope this helps xxxjenxx