possible ms

hi i’m new to this and looking for advice.

i was first diagnosed with transverse myelitis in november 2013 it started with pins and needles and cold feeling in my feet rising up my legs all the way to just below my chest. i also have pins and needles in both arms and left arm is worse. most of my symptoms healed but never had full feeling back in my left arm and hand and fingers. i had MRI scan and had multiple lesions in my spine nearer top of it and also one lesion in my brain but neurologist said not big enough to worry about. i was recently in a car crash (about 7 weeks ago) and hurt my neck and chest and my symptoms have flared back up and i have terrible pain in both arms which ive never had and get dizzy when i move my head in certain positions. i have spoken to my MS nurse and not helping with my new symptoms and my GP is trying to get MRI scan but not having any luck.

i have spoken to my lecturer at college who suffers from MS and he says that with me having multiple lesions i should be diagnosed with MS and also my GP has said this i was wondering is this true? and also for advice on handling my pain as at night when trying to get to sleep my shoulder and arm is that sore i struggle to sleep i am allergic to gabapentin and pregabolin, i am on amatryptoline just now they helped at first but not helping any more.

thanks in advance for reading and for any advice

Hi James,

No, it’s not true; it’s the number of attacks you have had; see the McDonald Criteria

Keep well mate.


as george said, it’s the number of attacks you have had.

unless you have a very good neuro.

i only had one at the time i had my first MRI.

looking back i think i had symptoms from age of 11.

anyway report any new symptoms as this could be a relapse and lead to a diagnosis.

good luck

carole x

thanks for the advice i’ve to see neurologist in few weeks and i have a scan soon also hopefully help explain symptoms