Is it MS ?

Hi everyone

I am new to this so please bear with me.

12 months ago I hurt my back just lifting something off a shelf, the pain lasted 5 days and went with the use of pain killers.

5 weeks later I started with a pins and needle type sensation in my left leg. I went to my GP who did some blood test mainly for vitamins, they discovered my B12 was low so I was given 3 weekly shots of B12, this was never followed up.

The pins and needles continued so i returned to the GP who referred to to a physio.

I had scans on my lower back which all came back fine so I was then sent for nerve conduction studies which again cam back fine.

Next I was referred to a neurologist who referred me for a brain scan and upper spine scan.

The scan on my spine was fine but the brain scan showed lesions on my white matter to which he said were indicative of MS.

I asked could it be anything else and he has done more blood tests and referred me for a Lumbar Puncture (I am still waiting for this)

But he said he was 90% sure it was MS due to what the brain scan had shown him.

He asked me about any other symptoms I may have and I thought I didn’t have any until I started reading about MS.

I have had an extremely weak bladder and also my memory isn’t what it used to be but I put these down to my age and going through the menopause.

The only other problem I have have is on a monthly basis the white of my eye constantly goes red but I have seen numerous eye specialists who say this is episcleritis and they don’t know what causes it but it is nothing to worry about.

My last lot of blood tests have come back and I have a low ferritin (7) so they have now put me on iron tablets.

I am still waiting for the LP

I am so confused as to whether I have MS or not and it is on my mind 24 hours a day

I’ve answered your other post.