Painful arm

I’m suffering with a painful left arm . For a long time my left arm hasn’t been right, I can’t attempt to reach anything without terrible pain from my shoulder to my wrist like electric shock / dead arm horrible feeling , it doesn’t help because that’s the arm I use to pick up Frazers poo when I’m out in chair. It’s affecting dressing / undressing ect . Last night I kept waking with the pain . Does anyone else have this? Michelle and Frazer xx

So sorry you’re having trouble with your arm, Michelle.

My arms don’t cause me too much trouble as long as I don’t do anything that involves weight or repetition if I do they get very painful, my hands too but not the electric type pain, that’s very MS. One of my earliest symptoms was the electric shock pain, I was only fourteen,but it was from my neck down my back…it has a name but for the life of me I can’t recall it!

I’m not sure if there’s a medication that deals with it but maybe your Dr or MS nurse could help!

Take care, Michelle and a very very happy new year to you and Frazer and not forgetting the rest of your family!

Nina xx

My good arm has been painful for about 8 week but more like a pulled muscle not an electric shock pain. Not much feeling in right leg and torn cartridge in knee in left leg so i have to rely on my arms for everything .I hope the pain in your arm goes away soon its just one thing after another isnt it .Take care.xx

My arms are not too bad. However, when doing stretching exercises lifting my hands above my head, my right arm is unable to reach as high as the left. And as I compare my right hand with my left, it is very noticeable that I cannot open and stretch my right hand fingers apart as much as my left. I have no pain in my arms, but I have an awareness of them… if you know what I mean…

I have worried myself doing upper body exercises, because I am left with a pain across my back, which, if it was across my chest, I might think it was a stroke…

I need help, don’t I…???