Wrist & arm pain

Hi all, i’ve recently been discarded from hospital after 6 month. When i got home, i soon realised that i had a problem in my left wrist. My left side is weak but i use my left hand to transfer into my wheelchair. As soon as i put my left hand down to help transfer, the pain in my wrist become’s unbearable. I am also getting severe pain in my left arm near the top on the side. I don’t necessary have to be doing anything with it, just lay in bed & it can be sore. More recently my right as started to feel sore. I’m not sure whether my wrist pain is associated with my arm pain & if any is due to my MS. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Regards. John

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Hi John,

I’d love to be able to give you some wise advice but my arms are something that, as yet, still work, I get pains in them when I over do things and they tremble for no apparent reason but nothing so bad as you describe.

Hope someone comes along that can be more help but if not I’d speak to your MS nurse.

Take Care,


Yep I am with Nina, your MS nurse should be able to help, mine got me to see a pain doctor for the nerve pain I suffer from.


I get this hun, i wear a wrist support when its bad. It could be simply you havent really had to use it much in hospital and its gotten weak. Maybe the old tennis ball squeezing will strengthen it up again?

I find the wrist pain just comes on all of a sudden and top of my arm aches like mad like a toothache, and i can barely use my left fingers as they feel weird and heavy. I showed it to my MS nurse as it was flaring when he saw me, he just said it was part of my MS as i was stressed at the time, and it would probably settle, which it did, but then i know it will come back again if i am stressed or tired.

The wrist support really helps, maybe ask your GP about it.

Ouch … Never or Neuro pain is horrendous and you describe nerve pain. MS nurse should help & advise. A wrist strap can’t do any harm short term, just in case the pain is from long term wear & tear, arthritis or rheumatism.

Chrissie x

Hello my name is Kim I have been to the doctor’s a few times about this pain I used to get in my hands and they ignored it said it was nothing recently it’s become where where are my right hand and all down my arm as well it was burning when I stretched it out that went and now it’s down in my wrist it burns all down the side of my wrist on the top it’s all numb near the thumb part can’t feel nothing I can’t move my thumb in the morning my fingers and hands swollen in the mornings it tingles when I touch it my doctors are saying it’s some sort of arthritis I didn’t even see the doctor for them to diagnose this they just did it over a phone call I’m fed up with the doctor just playing as well I have all the symptoms and I’ve had them for ages and I’m just getting worse and I can’t use my right hand and I have a baby to look after as well I don’t know how to get my doctor’s to listen to me or to send me to see someone a specialist or anything

Hi, hope I’m ok posting on here, I have spms and I get a lot of pain in various parts of my body, I recently put a post on everyday living about this very thing, hand spasms, wrist pain + into my arm, the pain in arm is like tooth ache, I’m struggling more and more with it, I used to take Gabepentin for the nerve pain, but that’s stopped working, so you have my sympathy, x x

Hi Jean

I put up with hand and wrist pain for a long time assuming it was MS but eventually my GP noticed it was swollen and had an x-ray done, and low and behold they told me I have RA as well.

Maybe worth having a word with your gp just in case, but hope it eases soon for you.

Take care

Pam x


I get awful hand and finger cramps …not every day but once they arrive I get several consecutive bouts in a day.I also get the pains in my arms and occasionally the electric type shocks in arms that last a few minutes but leave arms feeling sore and me dreading the next one. I get leg cramps at night too.My calfs in both legs have been tight for over a year despite exercises.foot drop and limp along short distances only now…Awaiting a diagnosis so anxiety levels high right now.hope you get some relief maybe via MS nurses advise.Good luck

It certainly could, but I think it is rather something similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.