Arm Pain/MS?

For a couple of weeks I’ve had a pain on the bone at the top of my shoulder. The pain has now extended to the upper part of my left arm to just above my elbow. I stink with deep heat at the moment!

Is this MS related or is it more like just a trapped nerve?

Hi Mr Grumpy, hard to say. We should never assume that something is MS. Suggest you see GP and have it checked out.

I did go through a period of pain in left shoulder and upper arm… had it all checked out and as they couldn’t find anything else wrong it was put down to MS… but that doesn’t mean yours is.

It could also be a ‘frozen shoulder’… anyway see GP.

Have a good weekend hon (not easy in pain I know),

Pat x

Snap, only I’d say mine feels more muscular in the upper left arm. Some symptoms come and go but this has been quite persistent. I’m due at the GP so I’m going to mention it. It’s a right pain in the errr well arm!

Have a good weekend.