Pain in shoulder and arm

I had horrendous pain that started in my right shoulder and moved down my arm. Loss of strength in my arm and could barely move it. Had pins and needles in my hand but soon replaced by pain. This lasted for 6 weeks. Took different pain killers and was sent for a mri head and spine scan, by my consultant, who said it could be a relapse. Still waiting for the results.

I had to stop driving because it wasn’t safe.

I only went back to work last week, however now same pain has started in my left shoulder and arm. Has anyone else suffered this type of pain in their arms

I have had spasmns that affected my right side. They weren’t painful, but for a short period after the spasmn I was unable to use my fine motor skills or talk without slurring my speech. Once I’d recovered I was fine until the next spasmn (at my worst I was having at least 20 a day!). I was in hospital for 2 weeks for observations (I dont think they’d seen this type of relapse before) had iv steroids and other drugs to help combat the spasmns. Sharon

Hi, I also get very similar symptoms. Sometimes my right shoulder blade can feel so painful I just want to cry and the weird feeling that I have in the top of the arm is indescribable. My right hand has random feelings of weakness, tingles and numbness. I have also recently started getting finger and hand cramps as well as the usual dropping things and lack of strength. Feel pretty miserable with it and worried. I honesty do not understand how MS support works as I have real issues trying to understand who I am supposed to bother with these symptoms and if I am even supposed to mention it. I hope this makes sense as I am not having a good period of concentration.