Pain in arm, wrist, both shoulders

Since last night, I have had horrible stabbing pain in my shoulders, and into my left arm and wrist. It’s excruciating…is this my MS? I know it’s not my heart as I’ve had that checked. But this is so odd as it came on so suddenly.

Any help greatly received,


Hi Sarah, I’m by no means an expert but I’ve been experiencing the same symptoms including searing pain in my bicep, stiffness and pins and needles in my hand. Last week my neurologist told me that I’m probably having a relapse (had a load of blood tests, which have come back normal) as I’m also having burning sensations in my leg & foot. With these new symptoms he suspects another lesion in the spinal cord (having another MRI tomorrow). I believe the pains in the shoulders is fairly common in MS (not entirely sure if this directly or indirectly related) I may be wrong, so perhaps one of the more experienced members can assist here. They certainly offer some good advice and have many more years of dealing with such symptoms. Has your neurologist or GP prescribed gabapentin or pregablin. I take this when the pain gets too much to bear. Hope this resolves soon. Take care Theresa

Hi Sarah,

I had something like that about a year ago. It was down my left side from my neck across my shoulder and down my arm into my hand. I was prescribed solpadol (paracetemol/codeine) which did nothing then amytriptylene which eventually I think helped.

It was described as neuropathic pain which regular pain killers can do little for apparently. I don’t know whether it was the amytriptylene or just time but after about 3 weeks it went away, but very painful while it lasted.

See your GP