arms slightly stiff and not so strong

I guess it is in the name folks, over the past few days I have noticed that my arms are not as strong as they usually are and sometimes feel stiff.  This has coincided with my legs being pretty ropy as well.  Now I don't want to jump the gun but wondered whether I should speak to anyone about it or just hope it goes away?  It is rather irritating needless to say.

Anyway would appreciate some thoughts you fine folk


Hi Willie, I noticed the same thing a couple of months ago. I was at sainsbury’s topping up my petrol and I could hardly lift the nozzle, then I couldn’t grip it as well. It’s there most of the time now, the right is most affected. Don’t have any advice, just to let you know you’re not alone. Suz xx

We shall share a weak handshake then suzie

Hi Willie,

I think that if it's something new, you should run it by your MS nurse or your GP.  If it's the MS, there's probably nothing to be done, but there is always the (slim) chance that it's something else.

Luisa x


Same weak left leg and arm - I do physio exercises - tin of beans on kitchen table to use while reading the paper.

Have a word with Dr or MS nurse - I was put on Baclofen for stiffness. 

Good luck


What is the relevance of the last post Errr?

Anyway, spoke to the neuro and he thinks it may be a relapse - keep an eye he stated


Less of a comment, more of a question ...

Do you find that having used a muscle/joint combination a couple of times, the stiffness increases?

For example, you bend a knee to raise a foot; do it once ,OK; do it a second time and it is a lot harder; try for a third time and the whole limb has gone stiff.

I don't know about arms (my trouble is really with one leg) but recovering from overloading a left arm joint (elbow, shoulder) takes a lot longer than I would have expected.


Hi Willie, my arms haven’t been so great lately, well my right one anyway, feels heavy and stiff but no where near as bad as my legs. Not gonna offer you advise , just sympathise. Mine have actually eased off the last week or so which is good.

Tbh I think my right one has deteriorated Anyway over recent years. I know you’ll find this strange, well maybe, but I am not strongly right handed, not ambidextrous either, but I kinda swap hands and don’t mind which one I use so if one arm is doing less well, I just use the other one. What I mean is I think my right arm has maybe deteriorated more than I think but I compensate by using my left one so don’t notice, lol

My arms have definitely weakened.  I used to be strong and fit, now if I'm lying in bed reading a book, my arms ache terribly I have to constantly swap arms then give up!!  And lifting heavy items is now a nono.  (i used to work for ambulance service carrying people up and down stairs, now I struggle lifting my grandson!)  Grip also not as strong.

I always thought my legs are the worst, but then if my arms had to do the job of legs I would well be in a wheelchair!