Arms tired

I seem to have weakness in both my wrists and my arms. I think from a previous relapse. I was doing something on sat for a few hours which I enjoy but yesterday the backs of my arms from my wrist to the middle of Arm is so sore. It was really sore even to wipe myself when I went to the toilet. Is this normal. It’s getting me down that to not be sore and get stiffer I’ve to do nothing. What I was doing wasn’t even strenuous . Thanks in advance

Hi Anon,

I’m not really sure what your question is - or even if you had one. That might be why you haven’t had any replies yet.

Are you wanting to ask if it’s normal? Yes, normal for MS, in my opinion. I started off with mostly only my legs getting tired, but now I’ve had MS a few years, pretty much everything gets tired.

Or did you want to ask what to do about it? You may be able to improve strength and stamina with exercise and/or physiotherapy, but there’s no miracle cure, and certainly no pill you can pop.



Sorry, I see now that you do ask whether it’s normal.

I still think so, yes.

This morning I was doing some calf stretches for my stiff legs. Some of the stretches involved supporting myself against a wall with outstretched palms for a count of 20.

I was having trouble doing the stretches, because my arms were getting too tired to support me BEFORE the twenty seconds. That’s ridiculous!

And you’ll have to take my word for it I’m not big and fat, so should be able to support myself against a wall for 20 seconds, without getting tired! This is now normal for me.

For what it’s worth, my arms at no point gave way - it’s just the discomfort of it. :frowning:


Thanks Tina Just on the off chance to you know any excercise for stretching arms and wrists. I’m guessing me just pulling on them isnt the best way to go lol


No, I don’t know any dedicated stretches for arms and wrists, I’m afrai, although I’m sure if you Google, or look somewhere like the MSTrust, you can find them.

I don’t do stretches for my arms, because I don’t find them particularly tight - unlike my calves, It’s just coincidental that when I try to stretch my calves, some of it involves mild weight bearing on my arms - just to stop me falling over, no more, and then I notice how really weak they are.

I also struggle to take heavy things like blankets or toweling out of the washing m/c when they’re wet, because they hold so much water in them.

And making the bed is really hard, because I’m still an old-fasioned sheets and blankets person, and have to lift the mattress slightly, to tuck the bedclothes under. I’ve always hated duvets, and resisted switching, because I like the feeling of being “tucked in”, but I’ve just relented, and bought my first duvet set (not tried it out yet). It may make it easier to turn over in bed, because the tight sheets are making it quite hard for me. It’s not until I write down things like this that it brings it home to me it’s quite pathetic for forty-something. Yes, I’m having trouble turning in bed! :frowning: