Another question...sorry for bothering

I’m sorry for coming back here with more questions, as I feel that I’m bothering you with many “stupid” questions, but can’t help myself.

From what I have read about MS, legs and walking are emphasized while there’s not much talk about arms. Do the arms get affected also (I would guess so)? If yes, is there any “rule” that they are affected later, or more mildly, etc.

I’m asking because my arms do not feel “normal”. I can’t say they are weak because I can lift things, but thy seem kind of “light” and slightly numb and get tired more easily than before. I’ts difficult to describe actually. In my case it does get better with anti-anxiety meds, but it’s not going away completely.

Thanx a lot

Hi Matrix

I haven’t been dx yet, still waiting on being seen…but…

I get this in my arms. The feeling of not being able to hold something up. I commented yesterday about how it took me 15 mins to blow dry my hair and I have really short hair. I kept having to stop, rest and start again.

At the moment I am having pain down the back of the right side of my neck across my shoulders and down my right arm to about my forearm. Constant dull achy pain. Feels just like a toothache feels. There is also a definite lack of strength in my right arm.

Hope you start feeling better. :slight_smile:

Thanx for your reply,

my situation is a bit different I guess…they feel kind of weak and numb, but I can lift things with both arms. However I can’t hold things for a long time since they get tired easily…still it makes me worry…

My left arm was affected for the first time in my last relapse.

Altered sensation was the only way to describe it, together with a feeling that I had just finished carrying something really heavy and I was waiting for it to recover and go back to normal…it just never did.

So yes arms can be affected. It did go when the relapse ended and all thats left is a weird index finger feeling.

Please dont ever think things are stupid questions to ask. Ther isn’t a manual for this, so if anything worries you ask away and dont forget it helps people like me use their brains and makes me write which helps me keep ontop of spelling and remembering words -well most of the time-

Hope it all clears up soon


Thank you pip…the reason I kind of feel guilty for asking many questions is that I don’t have a diagnosis yet…and there’s a chance that I don’t have MS…so it looks to me like I’m bothering people who are dealing with MS.

Hey Matrix

there are no stupid questions on this forum. Chances are someone will have heard or experienced what you’re decsibing or we can at least sympathise and support if not.

A month ago when I had whopping cough my whole body went a bit beserk with new and old symptoms. Part of my new symptoms were my arms feeling heavy/tired. I could still carry things but just more of an effort and I had burning pain in them. So anything like holding hairdryer/ doing as french plait ot closing the sahs window was a lot of effort.

Remember that all our symptoms are likely to present in a slightly different manner. There is no pattern of legs or arms first etc in MS it just depends on whats hit at the time I guess.

Hope you feel better.



I’m not diagnosed so you’re certainly not bothering. I’m sure those diagnosed know what they’ve had to go through to get there and are happy to pass on their wisdom. And the rest of us who are undiagnosed appreciate their input and being able to share whats happening with others in a similar scenario. Whatever is causing your symptoms MS or not - they’re symptoms that are similar to MS and part of the differential diagnosis so you have a place here and a right to ask questions as much as everyone else.



Thanx for the support…it’s really appreciated.