heavy arm

does anybody else have a heavy left arm, along with numbness that does not go away. So it makes it difficult to hold a phone or change gear on the car, it gets worse with use. Also I drop things too. I have this samr weakness/numbness in my left leg and had it for a few years, my foot drops so I have fallen a few times especially going up stairs. The arm only started in Jan this year (after being admitted to hospital) then has got worse in September after being admitted to hospital again. My upper muscle in my leg and arm also my side all feel I have a little animal jumping around and I keep feeling there are hairs on my arms and sometimes it can feel I have little insects running up my arms to my elbows. Also pain in my 2 middle fingers on either hand. I constantly have odd sensations on the left side of my head. I have also lost most of my hearing in the right ear(this was in 2006). this year I have alot of blurred vision but just thought my eyes where deteriating and on my 3rd lenses this year. Always tired and its hard to walk to the top of the street, when I asked my doctor why this was he answered that my heart is not 100%( I have AF) and I am not very thin.

Are the symptoms above typical of MS? Can anybody help please? I have always been treated for mini strokes but the above symptoms should clear up if thats the case. Brain MRI’s are normal.

Neurology is a bit of a minefield because there are loads of conditions, but they tend to cause similar symptoms - so telling them apart can be very tricky :frowning:

So the fact that your symptoms can occur in MS is not the same as saying that it must be MS - because it could also be a whole load of things.

The only way to find out is to keep seeing consultants until you find one who finally puts things together and comes up with the answer.

In the meantime, there is no reason for your GP not to refer you for physio or occupational therapy if it might help, or to prescribe (some) meds to help with your symptoms. It’s worth asking at least.

Karen x

I had no use in my left arm last Dec after a terrible migraine, had happened before so was Not worried, but when still bad after 2 weeks went to my Gp. This was the start of my MS journey. Last time it happened about 17 years ago I took beta blockers and it went away as did the migraines, I think this was my first MS attack. Anyhow it has slowly got better and not only shoulder to elbow numb, feels like I have a blown up blood pressure cuff on it. I have been going to chair yoga by my local MS society and feel it has helped, asked Dr about acupuncture on NHS, don’t do it anymore, but she said I could be referred for physio. Mine is my left side too, which is my weakest side. My brain MRI is normal too, as was nerve conduction study, have you had one of these? My mother iN law had AF and never had any of the problems you talk of. You say you are not thin, could your Dr help you lose some weight, some times you can be sent to Weight watchers or Slimming world by your Dr for free, not saying that your weight is the problem, I was slim and have put on 3 stone in the last 6 months due to not being able to exercise and comfort eating due to depression. But if you do lose weight and still have problems, they can not Blair the weight. Have you seen a Nuerologist? Ask to be refered. Good luck with it all

Hi Apple pad,

No I have not had nerve conduction yet, I was on the mS journey without knowing it, in Jan I had an episode and when the MRI scan result came back the Hospital doctor expected to see proof of MS, I was dismissive and thought it could not possible be MS, I was referred by the Hospital Doctor to nuero not my GP, who gave me a cervical scan which showed posible trapped nerves and narrowing of spine due to spondilitis. then my GP referred me to a Nuero surgeon at another hospital who would not operate then he sent me back to the original Nuero. The Nuero mentioned Migraine Aura with no headache then suddenly said, that I had MS symptoms but nothing showing on MRI scans, I was not ready for this and was shocked. He has summarised and forwarded a letter to my GP, still waiting for it to arrive.

Just wondered if you have been diagnosed yet?

No Dx as yet. Gp and Nuero thought MS when I saw Neuro in May, but had a clear brain and cervical spine MRI. Gp still thinks its MS and wants me to push for a LP when I see Nuero again next week, asked Gp what else it could be, she said she had a paiteint before with simliar symptoms and a clear MRI, but a few years later a Dx of MS. My sister had a Dx of PPMS in 1996, which was changed to RRMS a few years later, her MRI was clear and did not have a LP as was always on or recovering from steroids, you have to be 6 mths clear of steroids to have a LP. Do not think today she would even be given a Dx as MRI was clear. Not had migraine since I have been on the Amitralamine, but have put on 3 stone which is a lot when you are only 5ft ! Gp wants me to stay on Nueros books and have annual MRI’S , but it could be a case of just waiting for something mega to happen, my sister got her Dx after waking up unable to walk! But walked out of hospital after steroids.

thanks for replying Apple,

its not an easy road is this MS journey, I never realised there was so many people with similar symtoms to me, and it is actually comforting to know I am not on my own even though we have no dx(thank goodness for this Forum and for Karen who knows so much information). Are you managing to work through all this? I am on my second time off work this year, currently signed off now for 11 weeks and 10weeks back january, so I am nervious what conclusions my work place are coming too. Also trying to sell our house so we can downsize and I can give up work, but until then I need to keep the income rolling in.


catherine- reading your 1st few sentences in 1st post -sound exactly like me!!


heavy left arm, along with numbness that does not go away. So it makes it difficult to hold a phone or change gear on the car, it gets worse with use. Also I drop things too. for around 3 yrs. getting worse and spread to legs now.

I’m not dx, still waiting but just to let you know you are not alone xx

thanks for getting back to me bethrr,

it helps me alot to hear I am not alone…its taking me along time to accept it could be MS, will you let me know if you get anywhere with Dx please, I am going to see my doctor to see if he will let me have the evoked tests. Having had a LP when I was very young and not finding it a good experience, I am not rushing for this test unless really needed.


I had something similar, only it was my right arm. It still happens sometimes, though it seems to be most when I concentrate on it not happening, like when I have to sign something or write something. I was dx in September this year, but like Karen says there are lots of reasons it could be happening it doesn’t mean you have ms. This isn’t a lot of help I know but at least you know you’re not alone boo x


Ive had exactly the same experience, heavy left arm, pins & needles and numbness. Mine started last August and over last few months has spread to legs and hips. I ve had clear MRI and ny neuro said that until something shows on a scan cant be dx. Im currently working full time and just started on tranadol, today i phoned my gp to ask if could up the dose as im really suffering at work but was told im on the highest dose. Im going back to see her next week to look at other meds. i feel for everyone thats posted on here as getting a dx seems to depend on where you live and who you see!!

Em xx

Hi Em,

I agree with you it does seem matter where you live. Just tracked down my letter to the GP from Nuero and he has stated possible MS and discharged me back to my GP. made an appt to see him and also had an offer on my house today.


Hi Catherine,

Good news on the house offer and a possible dx.

Em xx