Numbness and tingles with heavy arm and cold patches

Hi There

I was wondering if anyone can help me, I was seen by the neurologist in 2006 and told “possible MS”. My symptoms at the time included numbness and tingling in legs torso and arms. Subsequent MRI did show lesions on my spine and lumber puncture was negative. We agreed that as these symptoms had not progressed in a year that we would wait and see if I had any further changes.

I have been well since then with only the occasional buzzing down my spine and numbness in my hands and feet but over the past few weeks have noticed “cold patches” on my torso and my right arm is feeling very heavy and numb. My right thigh and my neck and cheek feeling numb. I also feel as though my skin is so sensitive at times and everything that touches it is irritating.

I don’t want to waste the Doctors time - does anyone think they can help me with deciding what to do next?

Thanks in advance

hi skye

make sure that it all gets on your medical records so talk to your gp.

ask the gp if he thinks it’s time you saw your neuro again.

a good gp is worth his/her weight in gold.

you could always contact your neuro’s secretary and explain how you are feeling.

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole,

Managed to get a Doctor’s appointment for this Friday and just spoke to MS support worker today, she has given me the ms nurse number to get more advice but did say usually a flare up is in the same place, so im going to just speak to doctor and get it on record and see how I go. Thanks for the help

Lynn x