Arm weakness?

Anyone with arm weakness. Noticed when I talk on my telephone that I have now to rest the phone on my shoulder and try speak without my hand/arm doing any of the work as they get ever so tired.

Is it ms to blame or general fitness or both? Anyone else?



Yeah I get weakness in my arms too. Just put it down to one of those things. I know muscle weakness is one of the things with MS so I put it down to that. Course, I could be wrong - wouldn’t be the first time!

Hi Bren I suffer with this too even struggle to use my knife & fork :frowning: I also find if I hold the phone too long which ever arm I use I get really bad cramp/spasm in my hands. Bummer init Sue x

Hi Bren, yes my right arm is weaker than it used be, I feel it when I try to hold my hairdryer for too long. It’s definitely not as strong as it used to be. I blame the ms, although perhaps I should try some exercises for them too. Bren , I keep meaning to send you a pm,(not about weak arms) but it is total choas here at the moment with the extension! Cheryl:-)

well mines my ms that makes everywhere weak, i have always thought that doing excercises would help, but found out that all excercising has done is hold it off for a while longer,i have neuro physio on a regular basis,but i am worse now than i have ever been,mine used to come and go,only trouble now is it doesnt go.

jaki xx

Yes I get that too, found that even washing my hair I get some pain! (haven’t even got too much!).

Hi everyone, so its not just me. Its good to share experiences. Ive only recently noticed that my arms just about drop off, I feel them getting ever so heavy and weak when I use the phone, or in fact try holding my bag and walking stick. I hope they dont get worse? I need to pick my nose every now and then (:o)

Bottoms up fellow msers, and thank you for your lovely replies.